Davey Johnson is a snitch

Joel Peralta is a relief pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays. In 2010, he pitched for the Washington Nationals. Tuesday night in an interleague game between the Nationals and the Rays, Nationals manager Davey Johnson asked umpires to inspect the glove of Peralta for banned foreign substances. According to umpire Tim Tschida, a “significant amount” of pine tar was found on the glove. Pitchers aren’t allowed to use pine tar. Peralta was ejected from the game.

Pitchers like to use pine tar because they believe it allows them to grip the ball better. Even though it’s technically not allowed under the rules of Major League Baseball, a lot of pitchers do it. It’s one of the reasons most pitchers use dark gloves. It allows them to hide pine tar.

Imagine that. Johnson knew that an opposing pitcher was “cheating” and knew to ask officials to look for foreign substances. He knew this because someone in the Washington Nationals obviously told him that when Peralta played for them, he liked to use pine tar. Johnson didn’t see Peralta with pine tar on his glove. He knew of the pine tar because of inside information, information gained from when Peralta played for them.

If this seems scummy on the part of Johnson, it’s because it is. He snitched on a player who played for his organization, with information gained from the time he played in his organization. If nobody in the Washington Nationals organization alerted MLB back in 2010 that Peralta used pine tar, they shouldn’t be snitching on him now. Like the Bible says, snitches get stitches.

The Rays went on to win the game, 5-4.

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