Dan DiDio fired from DC Comics

DC Comics fired co-publisher Dan DiDio yesterday. Before he took on co-publisher’s role in 2010, he was vice-president executive editor, and before that, he was vice-president editorial. I’m not really sure what those titles mean. I am familiar with his current title, unemployed. Been there, done that.

Jim Lee, DiDio’s fellow co-publisher, will now become the sole publisher. Good for him.

Now that Dan DiDio is gone, hopefully, this means DC will not go forward with Fifth Generation, 5G for short. DiDio’s insane plan is to replace their flagship characters – Superman, Batman, Green Lantern – with younger, more diverse characters. Why would DC fire him and then continue to execute his plan?

I’ve never heard of anyone reading a Green Lantern book and said, “This story would be a lot better if Green Lantern were a young African-American girl.” I’m not saying these people don’t exist. I’ve just never interacted with them. It’s probably because I don’t hang out at Friday climate strikes or Black Lives Matter protests.

DC Comics’ Fifth Generation sounds terrible

Marvel Comics already pulled a similar stunt. I don’t know if they are still engaging in such silliness. I generally don’t read Marvel books. Not anymore. I did pick up Doctor Strange: The End, but I haven’t read it yet.

Dan DiDio fired from DC Comics - Bent Corner
The older I get, the more I like comics featuring old guys.

I bought them because I try to support comics that feature old people. The elderly and aged are quickly becoming my fellow tribe members.

I wish Dan DiDio only the best

I don’t know what DiDio has planned for the future, but if he wants to become a Lyft or Uber driver, I can help him out with my invitation codes. I can also help him out as a mentor. Anytime he has a question on what to do, I’m only a phone call away. I’m nice like that.

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