'The Daily Show' confronts 4 Redskins fans with 8 Native Americans, hilarity does not ensue

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The Daily Show ran a segment this week that tackled the issue involving the name of the Washington Redskins, a name some people claim to find offensive and on the wrong side of history, whatever that means.

In the heavily edited segment, fake-correspondent Jason Jones sat down with four self-described Washington Redskins fans; Kelli O’Dell, Brian Dortch, Maurice Hawkins, and Charles Barr. He asked them questions about the team name and then brought in eight activists of Native American decent to confront the four Redskins fans.

The eight activists stood as they confronted the four fans. There were no chairs for them to sit. Not only were there twice as many activists as fans, the fact that they were standing while the fans were sitting, made the confrontation that more uncomfortable to watch.

The seven minute segment can be seen here.

Needless to say, the four fans never should have agreed to appear on The Daily Show. My guess is that these four people were the only Redskins fans the producer for the segment could find, reportedly on Twitter, who would agree to appear. I think the fact that there were twice as many activists as fans, indicates this.

Evidently the four fans tried to revoke their consent before the segment appeared on The Daily Show, but they were clearly unsuccessful.

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