Could the Raiders move back to Los Angeles?

7566538The Sporting News published an article this past week, written by David Steele, claiming that the Oakland Raiders once again moving in Los Angeles is inevitable. Their contract to play in Coliseum expires at the end of this upcoming season and majority owner Mark Davis, son of the late and not-so-great Al Davis, has already said they wont be signing another short-term lease to stay in Oakland. Davis wants a new stadium, one that wont feature a field where parts of it consisst of a dirt baseball field.

Imagine that, the ability to play football on a field made up of nothing but grass.

Any new stadium would require a large contribution of public money, something that no city government, especially the city of Oakland, has a lot of these days. In fact, Oakland has less of it then most municipalities. Oakland is kind of broke.

This is leading some to believe the Raiders will be returning to Los Angeles. Personally, I’m not buying it.

The NFL needs a team in Los Angeles like Rihanna needs Chris Brown. Unless someone is willing to build a tiny 18,000 seat stadium in Los Angeles, the Raiders’ home games will never be sold out, which means games in Los Angeles will be blacked out. TV networks in Los Angeles, the second largest TV market in the country, wont be able to show the NFL on Sunday.

I have to imagine the league would have a problem with that.

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