This is why I don’t go on cruises

Costa Concordia

The Costa Concordia, a cruise ship owned by Costa Cruises, ran aground off the coast of Italy on Friday. The accident killed three people. Scores of others are still missing.

Costa Cruises is a company based in Italy owned by Carnival Corporation.

This incident illustrates why I will never go on a cruise. It’s a hazardous way to travel. The Costa Concordia requires a crew of 1,100 to operate. Not to sound overly crass, but how many of those 1,100 crew members are from the third-world?

I guess that most are.

The major cruise lines hire workers from the third-world because they can pay them low and subject them to long hours and poor working conditions. It’s what they do.

Surviving passengers of the Costa Concordia say evacuating the ship was chaotic, and the crew didn’t know what to do. One helmsman attempting to operate a lifeboat full of passengers could not steer the lifeboat. He kept banging the lifeboat into the ship. Finally, a passenger shoved him aside and took the controls, successfully bringing the lifeboat to shore.

A helmsman who can’t steer a lifeboat? Gee, I wonder what country he is from.

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