Congressman Sean Duffy to resign due to health issues involving 9th child

Congressman Sean Duffy to resign due to health issues involving 9th child - Bent Corner

I was reading the news when I stumbled upon an article involving a Donald Trump supporter in Congress. His name is Sean Duffy. He’s resigning from Congress so that he can spend more time with this family.  I think it’s safe to say we’ve all heard that excuse before. The thing that sets this situation apart from all those other times is the following:

Republican Rep. Sean Duffy, a Wisconsin congressman who was on the cast of MTV’s “The Real World” before he went into politics, opened up on Tuesday about his decision to resign due to health issues involving his ninth child.

There’s a lot to unpack here. There’s someone in congress who was a participant on The Read World? Why am I only finding out about this now? Someone please do me a favor and alert me when we have an elected official who appeared on Teen Mom. What I also found amazing was that the congressman has nine (9) children. That’s a lot.

Congressman Sean Duffy to resign due to health issues involving 9th child - Bent Corner
Sean Duffy’s bio photo from The Real World.

Digging a little deeper into the story, I learned that the ninth child has not been born yet. The health issue in question is that she has a “couple holes in her heart.”

From the same article:

“After she’s born, whether it’s two to six months after life, she’s going to need open-heart surgery,” Sean Duffy said. “They gotta crack her open and fix the heart. They walked us through this yesterday. So I announced I was leaving Congress as I was walking in to meet with the heart doctor about what’s gonna happen with the baby.”

The phrase, “After life” is a strange one for Congressman Duffy to use, especially when you consider he belongs to the political party that believes life begins at conception. The way he phrased it makes it sound as though he believes his unborn daughter isn’t alive yet. I’ll cut him some slack considering what he and his wife, Fox Nation host Rachel Campos-Duffy, are going through right now. I don’t envy them.

Speaking of his wife, she appeared on the MTV show Road Rules. The two met on the set of MTV’s Road Rules: All Stars in 1998. How weird is that?

Good on Congressman Duffy though. He’s doing the right thing quitting like he is. One of the consequences of having the best democracy money can buy is that our elected officials are in perpetual re-election mode. This is especially true with members of the House of Representatives. They face re-election every two years.  Not only do they have to travel all over their districts pretending to care about their electorate, but they also have to get on the phone each and every day and ask people for money.

Although I think it’s safe to say I probably disagree with Congressman Duffy’s politics, I agree with his priorities. The man is a class act in that regard.



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