NPC: Comicsgate’s new slur for non-Comicsgate people

Comicsgate supporters have come up with a new term for people who don’t support their movement: NPC.

It stands for “Non-Player Character.” It comes from table-top roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons. The term later migrated over to video games. An NPC is a character in the game who looks and acts like another player but is controlled by the Dungeon Master or in the case of video games, the programming.

The NPC term originally became an insult on 4chan. It was coined to describe people who only have the same canned response to everything. They don’t think for themselves. They’re fake people.

From 4chan:

NPC: Comicsgate's new slur for non-Comicsgate people - Bent Corner

Why is Comicsgate using the NPC slur?

One of the underlying problems with the movement is most people in the comic book community disagree with its principles. Those who’ve never heard of the movement, once they learn about it, generally have a negative opinion of it.

That’s because it’s a hate movement.

Instead of responding to this reaction with introspection and self-examination, most Comicsgaters react by lashing out against anyone who does not agree with them. It’s what they do.

Up until a few weeks ago, Comicsgaters called anyone who disagreed with them SJWs, soyboys, cucks, waamen, or cultural Marxists. Now they seem uniformly focused on using the NPC slur.

What they fail to consider before referring to their detractors as fake people is that most Comicgaters use multiple sock puppet accounts. Rarely do Comicsgaters post things using their real names.

This is a perfect example:

TheUmbrellaGuy is one of the minor lieutenants in the Comicsgate command hierarchy. He has a YouTube channel and he regularly appears on Ethan Van Sciver’s Comicsgate live streams. Mr. Van Sciver claims to own the term “Comicsgate” and because of this claim, when he’s not decapitating a metal Rose Tico figure with a pair of bolt cutters, decides who and who isn’t Comicsgate.

Ethan Van Sciver (Photo: New Jersey Comic Expo)

TheUmbrellaGuy hides behind a fake name. The person he’s referring to in his tweet as an “NPC” is Heather Antos, a real person who tweets under her real name. I find it ironic that in the world of Comicsgate, a fake person can call a real person an NPC.

This irony, like a good many things, seems to be completely lost on members of Comicsgate. Like other popular slurs in Comicsgate, they will eventually grow tired of it and switch to something else. If you want to know what they’ll be calling they believe to be “anti-Comicsgate” in the future, just go to 4chan today. They will undoubtedly recycle a term coined by 4chan and then cast aside when it becomes old. What’s other people’s trash is Comicsgate’s treasure.

Originality is not one of Comicsgate’s strong suits.

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One thought on “NPC: Comicsgate’s new slur for non-Comicsgate people”

  1. ThatUmbrellaGuy is the token homosexual Comicsgate member, just as the guy from Ikari Press is the token African American. I imagine “TUG” maintains his anonymity to prevent being outed in real life. If you listen to any of his videos, his effeminate tones and flamboyance shine through. It’s hard to take seriously except as entertainment. Aside from being a boot-licking Yes Man, he seems to have no other qualifications. This anonymous voice has never claimed to be a writer, artist or any other comic related position. Ultimately, he is simply a rabid fan with a serious infatuation with this unsustainable movement. “Gay there!”

    The Comicsgate bubble is eventually going to burst, just as the “” craze. Once fans wake up and realize they are paying what is basically welfare for lunatic fringe comics creators, the movement will screech to a halt. Ironic how Comicsgaters complain about how expensive the mainstream companies are and the gimmicks, but so is crowdfunding under the auspices of being part of the creative process. I don’t support welfare programs in the real world and the comic book realm is no exception. How soon we forget that EVS was ousted from Marvel after putting the word “SEX” in the backgrounds of every issue. Joe Quesada didn’t turn him loose for taking too long to work, but for simply being a pervert.

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