Comicsgate is definitely a hate group

It’s been a bad week for Comicsgate. Former Marvel Comics Editor in chief and current Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment Joe Quesada wrote a series of tweets criticizing Comicsgate. Maybe Quesada’s tweets about Comicsgate wouldn’t have been so bad if they were made in a vacuum. The problem for Comicsgate is just about everyone else in comics has denounced the movement too.

Everyone who’s not selling $35 48-page graphic novels on IndieGoGo that is.

I was a supporter of Comicsgate back when it was more of a consumer rights group and not the pro-Trump group that it is today. If Comicsgate doesn’t want to be looked upon as a hate group, I proposed they should try to go a week without using hateful, divisive language. I recommended Ethan Van Sciver, the leader and trademark owner of Comicsgate, issue a one-week moratorium to his followers on using insulting and derogatory language.

Ethan Van Sciver responded, but not the way I hoped.

I thought his response was both disheartening and depressing. I thought the division between Comicgate and everyone else in comics was an unwanted byproduct of their conservative, pro-Trump ideology. It would appear it is not. Ethan wants there to be division in comics.

He doesn’t want to control people’s language? That’s something new. A few weeks prior he was more than happy with controlling his follower’s language.

As the self-appointed Ceasor of Comicsgate, he could ask Comicsgators to respect and offer excessive kindness to the people they disagree with. Especially if it was only for a week.

Calling people soy-boys, cucks, libtards, leftists, and other dehumanizing and derogatory names isn’t hateful? I strongly disagree.

Ethan stopped responding. Not that I blame him. What more could he say? Of course, calling people derogatory and insulting names is hateful.

Needless to say, name calling is wrong

I don’t agree with people calling other people names. I also don’t agree with creating division within comic books. People who enjoy comic books should be able to get along with other people who enjoy comic books. What they have in common far outweighs any differences they might have.

At least it should be. Anyone who purposely throws division into comics fandom is no friend of the medium.

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