Ethan Van Sciver and Vox Day wrestle over who owns Comicsgate

The world of Comicsgate became even more of a dumpster fire a few days ago. Hero of the alt-right and author of SJWs Always Lie Vox Day (government name Theodore Beale) announced he’s starting a comics imprint called Comicsgate. This didn’t sit too well with comic creators using the word to promote their independent projects. Ethan Van Sciver rallied his Comicsgate lieutenants on a YouTube live show to discuss this issue.

For me, the most interesting part was at 6:12. Ethan said:

This is the name of my YouTube show, Comicsgate Live. I own the word Comicsgate. It belongs to me. And I will fight him (Vox Day) in court for it. Nobody will make a Comicsgate line of comics, except for me. If I want to or if I don’t want to. So we are going to pursue legal action. I know I can count on the support of my fellow Comicsgators to do so. This is clearly copyright infringement.

I don’t think Ethan Van Sciver owns the word Comicsgate. He didn’t create the word. It was a word people began using long before he started his YouTube channel. Just because he incorporated the word into a segment of his YouTube show doesn’t mean he’s the trademark owner of Comicsgate.

There’s even a channel on YouTube called Comicsgate. It’s run by a comics fan in Egypt. This individual began producing videos under the name Comicsgate six years ago. This same person also owns the website

If someone owns the trademark to the word Comicsgate relating to a YouTube show, it’s the person in Egypt, not Ethan Van Sciver.

I thought everyone was the leader of Comicsgate?

What’s strange about this declaration of ownership is Ethan Van Sciver helped make a video that said everyone is the leader of Comicsgate and you can be too.

This video now seems inaccurate if Ethan owns the word. If someone owns the word, then they’re the leader of Comicsgate.

If Vox Day wants the word Comicsgate, let him have it

I don’t understand why anyone would want to go to court and fight over the word Comicsgate. To say the word has a massive PR problem is an understatement. It’s a word born out of the old Gamergate movement and was first used as an insult. If Ethan Van Sciver took Vox Day to court over the name, it would be like fighting over a turd sandwich.

If people need a word to describe their beliefs, then they should create their own word. No good thing as ever had the word gate at the end of it: Watergate, Heaven’s Gate, Gamergate, Bill Gates, etc.

I wrote about not supporting Comicsgate anymore and I cited my reasons. If I hadn’t already distanced myself from the movement, I would have done so after comics book legend Dave Gibbons, artist of Watchmen, the greatest comic ever made, denounced the movement on Twitter.

It’s not like Dave Gibbons is the first comics professional to denounce Comicsgate, nor will he be the last. To associate yourself with such a toxic word, so toxic Vox Day wants to use it to publish comics, should be a huge warning sign to everyone.

If you want people to take you seriously, if you don’t want people to assume bad things about you, don’t be like Vox Day. Don’t label yourself as Comicsgate. Trust me, you don’t need a single word defining your beliefs.

Author: Rick Rottman

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