Comics are cheaper to produce now then ever?

I read an article over on Newsarama where they ask various comic book creators to weigh in on comments made by comic book writer Robert Kirkman. The creator of Battle Pope, The Walking Dead, and Invincible advised his fellow creators to concentrate their efforts not on working for Marvel or DC, but on their own independent stuff.  He said that not only would it be better for the individual creator, but it would save the comic book industry.

My favorite was the comment made by comic book writer Chuck Dixon. He said:

I don’t worry about the “future of the industry.” There will always be comics. They’re cheaper to produce now than they’ve ever been and relatively easy to make compared to other media.

Back in the day, my brother and I would ride our bikes down the street to Hardy’s Liquor and buy a comic book. They were around 20 cents. Now, they are at least three bucks each. If Chuck Dixon is correct and comic books are cheaper to make now then they’ve ever been, why do they cost so much?

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3 thoughts on “Comics are cheaper to produce now then ever?”

  1. That’s an excellent question. I believe Dixon when he states that- I’d bet that modern production equipment and powerful desktop PCs make it cheaper than ever.

    I’m sure it has to do with that fact that the publishers aren’t ripping off the artists and the writers as badly as they used to.

  2. I think Schooly is onto something with the greed factor. Other than that, I’d cite two things: Fewer ads for mail order x-ray glasses and “build your own hovercraft” kits, and inflation.

  3. Yeah, the fact that comics aren’t really for kids now makes advertising tricky. I’d bet that a lot of advertisers wouldn’t want to advertise their products in a comic book due to the stigma attached. And since kids aren’t really the audience anymore, they can;t advertise to that demographic anymore.

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