When it comes to comic books on eBay, buy low and sell high

comic books on eBayI recently sold a comic book on eBay. It was The Walking Dead #19 and it sold for over $230. The United States Postal Service damaged it during transit, but they paid the insurance claim in full, so I guess it all worked out. It did cause some unneeded stress, so I had been reluctant to list any others on eBay.

comic books on eBay
The Walking Dead #19

I’ve sold another one of my back issues of The Walking Dead on eBay. This one was issue #6 and it sold for $87. The ironic thing is that I started the bidding at $30 with a Buy it Now price of $80. As soon as someone bid the $30 minimum, the Buy it Now price became irrelevant. Silly eBay.

comic books on eBay
The Walking Dead #6

I’m not taking any chances when it comes to mailing this comic to the high bidder. I packed it with the complete understanding that it will be subjected to a massive amount of abuse at the hands of the various incompetent, overpaid USPS employees who manhandle the U.S. mail on a daily basis.

comic books on eBay
As I’ve said, I’m not taking any chances. The comic is being sent not in a bag with a backing board, but one of those plastic CD-type cases made especially for comic books.

I’ve got more copies of The Walking Dead that I’m planning on putting on eBay. The prices some of theme are going for is downright ridiculous. Issue #27, the first issue with The Governor, is going for around $120 on eBay. I paid less than the cover price of $3 for each issue I have. They’re all sitting bagged and boarded in long boxes in the garage. I’ll probably never read them again, but if I do, I’ll probably just read the trades like a civilized person.

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