Comic book artist charged with possession of child pornography

Police in Connecticut have arrested and charged comic book artist Josue Rivera, 38, with first-degree possession of child pornography. Rivera dropped off a thumb drive at a funeral home last July that was supposed to contain photos of someone who had just died. The photos were to be played during a funeral in a memorial slide-show.

Instead of finding photos of the dead person, a funeral home employee found child porn.

Rivera evidently dropped off the wrong thumb drive. Oops. Just think how memorial that slide-show would have been if the funeral home employee had not first looked at the photos before adding them to the slide-show.

The funeral home contacted police. The police found 33 files of child pornography on the thumb drive. They then searched Rivera’s home and discovered 153 files of suspected child pornography on a computer.

Rivera is currently in jail, right where he belongs.  He will remain locked up until he is able to post a $100,000 bond.

When Rivera draws comic books, he does so under the singular name of Justiniano.  His works include D. C. Comics’ Day of Vengeance and Countdown to Mystery. He’s scheduled to appear at Wizard World Big Apple Comic Con later this month. Something tells me he may not make it.

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