The Cleveland Browns win a football game!

The Cleveland Browns beat the New York Jets Thursday night 21-17. The Browns were losing 0-14 when rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield came in late in the second quarter to replace an injured Tyrod Taylor (brain). Mayfield went on to throw 17-23 for 201 yards. His quarterback rating is a spiffy 100.1.

Thursday night’s win was massive considering the Browns have not won a game in 635 days. Their record is now 1-1-1.

They’ve tied a game, they’ve lost a game, and they’ve won a game.

I’m not a degenerate card-playing gambler, but in poker, isn’t this a straight?

I like the Cleveland Browns

The Browns have great uniforms. Their fans have a passion not found in most NFL fans. I was at a Los Angeles Raiders game on September 20th, 1992 and watched Eric Metcalf destroy the Raiders for a total of 201 total yards. He looked like Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl. There were thousands of Browns fans in attendance and they would throw Milk-Bone dog treats at each other every time the Browns did something good.

1992 Upper Deck #455 Eric Metcalf.

There were a lot of dog treats getting thrown that day.

I feel for the Cleveland Browns fans

I don’t have a favorite NFL football team. Not really. Not anymore. There are teams I despise, but I don’t have a team I’m in love with. If I did have a favorite team, I think I’d make the Cleveland Browns that team. I want to see them do well. The fans don’t deserve any of the grief they’ve been on the receiving end of the last 25 years. Their team up an moves to Baltimore renames itself the Ravens and goes on to win two Super Bowls. They then get an expansion team named the Browns that year after year plays worse than a Donald Trump-owned USFL team. The Browns fans didn’t deserve any of this.

For Browns fans everywhere, I hope Thursday night’s game is a sign they’re turning things around.

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