The national nightmare is now over, Chris Davis gets a hit

Baltimore Orioles slugger Chris Davis’ hitless streak is finally over. Davis hit a two-RBI single off of Boston Red Sox pitcher Rick Porcello yesterday in the first inning.

Let the angels rejoice!

Not the Angels that play baseball in Anaheim, but pretend to play in Los Angeles. I’m talking about real angels, the kind who live in heaven and take marching orders from God. The kind who entice young children to cross rickety bridges with the promise of free Pokemon cards just to watch them fall. Those kinds of angels.

The national nightmare is now over, Chris Davis gets a hit - Bent Corner

Orioles fans love streaks

For those counting at home, Davis’ no-hit streak ended at 54 at-bats. The Baltimore faithful love streaks, just not that kind of streaks.

Davis went on to get two more hits, so maybe this whole issue is behind him. Who knows, maybe now he’ll go on a hitting streak and return to the type of player he was when the O’s signed him to that big fat contract in 2016. Since then, he’s hit .221 and exceeded 30 home runs only once.

I try not to be a negative person, but when it comes to the Baltimore Orioles, it’s very hard not to be. I started watching them in 1994, the first time I set foot in Maryland. My employer, Wal-Mart Photo, sent me here from Tennessee for a week to apartment hunt. I got lucky my first day and found an apartment in nearby Williamsport. The rest of the week, I goofed off in my new adopted state of Maryland. I watched my first O’s game my second night here. I was in my hotel room watching TV while flipping through a Tuff Stuff magazine.

I’ll say something now I doubt anyone has ever said: I kind of miss Tuff Stuff.

The national nightmare is now over, Chris Davis gets a hit - Bent Corner
An issue of Tuff Stuff from 1994.

I may have to watch the Orioles today just to see how Chris Davis does. It would be nice if he could continue hitting the ball and batting in runs. The O’s are at the beginning of a rebuilding phase based on drafting kids and molding them into the players they need. The O’s have never done that before. Usually, something like that takes a while to carry out.

However, having a productive Chris Davis could make this rebuilding phase a lot more palatable to the Orioles faithful.

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