Baltimore Orioles Chris Davis now has 49 consecutive at-bats without a hit

Baltimore Orioles first baseman Chris “Crush” Davis now has 49 consecutive at-bats without registering a hit. If you think that is some sort of record, you are correct. He’s now surpassed Eugenio Velez who had 46 at-bats without a hit during the 2010-11 seasons.

Davis’ last hit was on Sept. 14, 2018. He hit a double in a game versus the Chicago White Sox.

Considering how the Orioles are in rebuilding mode, it surprises me why they would want someone of Davis’ ilk on the team. What kind of example can he be to the Rule-5 draft picks and minor leaguers now on the O’s? And this is the team that refused to resign fan favorite and team leader Adam Jones.

The Orioles under Peter Angelos’ ownership have embraced mediocrity. The fact that Chris Davis is still on the roster only proves mediocrity is still king with the Orioles. Granted, they’re on the hook to pay him millions of dollars, but they will pay him that money no matter what.

It doesn’t matter who the Orioles hire to manage the team or run the organization, as long as Davis is taking up a roster spot, fans know the O’s are not to be taken seriously.  Fans know the team does not respect them. If they did, they would have resigned Jones and cut ties with Davis last year.

There are teams in baseball who care greatly about their fans. The Baltimore Orioles are not one of them.


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