Nintendo Switch goes live… sort of

Nintendo’s newest console/handheld gaming system Nintendo Switch was released last night for retail sale. People were lined up for hours before the midnight release in hopes of scoring the chance to pay $299.00 for a system.

Nintendo’s website for buying a Switch has links to retailers:

Amazon – Sold Out. They have a link to a list of scalped Nintendo Switch units starting at $429.95 for the gray unit and $445 for the more colorful blue and neon red model.

Best Buy – Sold out. No links to scalped Nintendo Switch units.

GameStop – Sold out. No links to scalped Nintendo Switch units.

Target – Sold out. No links to scalped Nintendo Switch units.

Walmart – When you click on Nintendo’s link for Walmart, it takes you directly to their scalper page. I’m assuming this means Walmart is completely sold out, but it’s not very clear. The scalped units start at $599.99 and go up from there.

Toys R Us – Out of stock. No links to scalped Nintendo Switch units.

I think Amazon and Walmart are acting unethically by linking to “third-party” sellers of Nintendo Switch units. Amazon and Walmart both get a cut of the purchase price when a scalper sells a Nintendo Switch through them. In fact, they probably make more money off each Nintendo Switch sale through a scalper than they do from their own retail stock.

Amazon and Walmart can’t sell the Nintendo Switch for more than $299.99. This price is locked in by Nintendo. There’s no such limit when it comes to their scalper partners. With them, the sky’s the limit.

I don’t want a Nintendo Switch. The graphics on the TV screen look terrible. If I wanted to play a console game, I’d rather play the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. If I wanted to play a handheld game, I’d rather play the Nintendo 3DS or my iPad.

Nintendo Switch goes live... sort of - Bent Corner
The Swiss Army Knife does everything, except do any one thing well.

I’m not a fan of the multi-purpose design philosophy. A Swiss Army Knife is a terrible pocket knife. It’s too big to fit comfortable in a pocket and the various blades and tools are never as good as the single-purpose equivalent.

The same thing applies to a gaming system.


Wil Wheaton’s TableTop season four

I found this schedule on Reddit for the fourth season of “geek icon” Wil Wheaton’s TableTop. It’s interesting in that each episode has two release dates. Most episodes will premiere on the paid subscription streaming service Alpha. Then, two or three months later, they will publish the episodes on YouTube.

The first two episodes of TableTop season four premiered on YouTube as well as on Alpha.

Wil Wheaton's TableTop season four - Bent Corner

If you want to watch Wil Wheaton and his crew of wannabe D-listers play the Fate: Core System roleplaying game system today, you’ll have to pay for the privilege. That, or wait almost three months to watch it for free on YouTube.

Alpha is only five bucks a month, but that’s five dollars too much. Watching an episode of TableTop for free on YouTube is too much. If something has social justice warrior Wil Wheaton in it, I will pay money not to watch it.

Wil Wheaton is a talentless dick. He pretends to not only be a nerd, but he promotes himself to be the king of the nerds. If Wil Wheaton was a nerd, he never would have begged to leave Star Trek: The Next Generation. A true nerd would never want to get off a popular Star Trek TV show. A real nerd would fight like a badger to stay on a Star Trek TV show.

From his website:

Here’s the absolute truth why I left Star Trek. I left Star Trek because it was seriously interfering with my career in feature films. I was in a situation where I was constantly having to pass on really good movie roles because I was on the series. I had a film career before Star Trek. People knew me before Star Trek. As a matter of fact, at Comic Con, a lot of people came up to me and said, “I started watching Star Trek because you were on it and I was fan of yours from Stand By Me and I stopped watching it after you left.” I had a lot of people say that to me.

I would bet $100 nobody at Comic-Con ever told Wil Wheaton they starting watching Star Trek: The Next Generation because he was on it. The same goes for someone at Comic-Con saying they stopped watching it because he left. It would be strange for someone to walk up to him at a grocery store and say this. Am I supposed to believe “a lot of people” at Comic-Con did this?

No, I’m not buying it.

After Wil Wheaton left Star Trek: The Next Generation, his movie career went… nowhere. He’s a former child actor who can’t get any type of real acting work as an adult unless he’s playing himself. For example, The Big Bang Theory. Wil Wheaton is a reoccurring character on the show. He plays himself.

Wil Wheaton is an actor who cannot act. He compensates for this personal deficiency by reinventing himself as some sort of geek icon, a king of all nerds. We’re supposed to believe that any sort of nerd, let alone a king of all nerds, would beg, whine, and demand to be released from a TV show with the words Star and Trek in the title.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Target puts nonexistent New Nintendo 3DS XL on sale

From Target’s weekly ad published today:
Target puts nonexistent New Nintendo 3DS XL on sale - Bent Corner
How is Target allowed to put something on sale they don’t have? Target doesn’t have the New Nintendo 3DS XL. They’ve been out of stock since Black Friday.

Here’s a recent photo I took at the Hagerstown Target. It’s the locked case that normally has Nintendo handheld consoles:

Target puts nonexistent New Nintendo 3DS XL on sale - Bent Corner
The Nintendo handheld console case at the Hagerstown, Maryland Target.

I could take another photo this morning and it would look actually the same. Target doesn’t have any New Nintendo 3DS XL consoles for sale. Target hasn’t had any New Nintendo 3DS XL consoles for sale for nearly a month. What does Target do? They lower the price of the non-existent game console from $199.99 to $174.99, saving the consumer $25.

If Target had any. Which they don’t.

If Target is going to place nonexistent products on sale, why lower the price only $25? Why not lower the price all the way down to $49.99? It’s not like they will have to sell any units at that price.

They don’t have any.