When a flat rate envelope is not a flat rate envelope

I sold a Mitchel & Ness NFL jersey on eBay the other day and decided the cheapest way to get it to the buyer was to ship it in a Priority Mail flat rate envelope. I ordered some of these envelopes on the USPS website a while back. This is what they look like: They … Continue reading “When a flat rate envelope is not a flat rate envelope”

How to take better photos for eBay

  I’ve learned a thing or two ince I started selling my unwanted stuff on eBay. I thought I’d document some of the things I’ve learned, starting with how to take photos. I take photos with my iPhone 6s Plus. The pics I get from my iPhone are better than the pics I was getting … Continue reading “How to take better photos for eBay”

Sprint vs. RockstarFlipper

Casey Parris, known on YouTube as RockstarFlipper, publishes videos about his eBay business. He buys clothing and other things at Goodwill, yard sales, pawn shops, etc. and then sells them on eBay for a profit. He appears to be good at selling things on eBay. He famously drives a BMW i8 sportscar, an automobile that … Continue reading “Sprint vs. RockstarFlipper”

Selling used ‘disc only’ DVDs on eBay

As I go deeper and deeper into my version of minimalism, I’ve been selling stuff on eBay. When you start cleaning out drawers, cabinets, closets and other places extraneous things like to hide, you will become shocked at just how much stuff there is taking up space. I’ve been throwing stuff out, donating some things … Continue reading “Selling used ‘disc only’ DVDs on eBay”

I’ve become a snitch and I’m proud of it

I made a decision last night that when I see a fake NFL jersey on eBay, I will report it to eBay. That’s right, I’ve become a snitch. I have an email alert set up with eBay so that when someone posts a Nike Elite NFL jersey in my size, I get an immediate email … Continue reading “I’ve become a snitch and I’m proud of it”

Turns out eBay is kind of a rip-off

I don’t sell a lot of stuff on eBay, but when I do, I’m fairly ignorant when it comes to how much I pay eBay and PayPal to facilitate the transaction. Normally I sell low to medium value stuff. They take their fees out of my PayPal balance and I’ve never really paid much attention … Continue reading “Turns out eBay is kind of a rip-off”