You can add Senator Al Franken to the list of pervs

In 2006, now Senator Al Franken, was part of a USO show traveling around the middle east entertaining the troops. One of the members of the show was Leeann Tweeden. She appeared on the covers of FHM, Maxim, and Playboy and was on the tour to act as an MC. She’s currently a radio anchor at KABC in Los Angeles.

She claims Franken groping her and forced her to kiss him several times throughout the trip.

After the trip was over, Leeann Tweeden was going through some photos and found the above photo of Franken posing for the camera while he pretended to grope Tweeden’s chest while she was asleep.

This photo makes me so angry. I used to like Al Franken. Past tense. I’ve read several of his books and I was going to add his newest book to the mental pile of books I need to read. Not anymore.

I’ve had with these men. I’ve lost all respect for Al Frankin. It’s dirtbags like him that make it hard for the rest of him. Fuck him and fuck whoever took this picture.

I hope they both drown in a swimming pool filled with weapon’s grade AIDS.

4 thoughts on “You can add Senator Al Franken to the list of pervs”

  1. Ask Ms. Tweeden to see the uncropped photo of this USO skit. Look at the photo of the “kiss” in question. She was willingly in a full embrace, her arms locked around his neck, all for the skit, the script which she read. She is trying for 15 minutes of fame to revive her dead career so she doesn’t have to go back posing for naked magazines like you find in auto parts stores. What she has done, and you by blindly supporting her, is to marginalize those who HAVE been raped or molested, of which I am one.

  2. When did I support her? I’m angry at Al Franken, not blindly supporting Leeann Tweeden. I don’t know anything about her. I thought I knew something about Al Franken. I used to listen to his show on Air America and I’ve read at least two if not three of his books. I thought I knew up. The pic I showed in the post is what bothers me. It’s not about supporting Leeann Tweeden. It’s being highly disappointed in someone you felt like you had a lot of respect for.

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