Buffalo Bills make Minnesota Vikings look like Canadian high school team

The Buffalo Bills beat the Minnesota Vikings yesterday 27-6. It was the Bills’ first win of the season. The Vikings now have a very Cleveland Browns type record at 1-1-1.

Bookmakers in Las Vegas were giving degenerate gamblers 17 points so they would place a bet on the Bills.  When bookmakers give odds, their goal is to get an even amount of degenerate gamblers on each team. They hope to make their money on the vig, the amount charged to the winner. Yesterday’s upset was the largest in 23 years.

I don’t bet on football. I only bet on the weather and Nerf cockfights. It’s like regular cockfighting, but the combatants wear Nerf boxing gloves over their talons so the cocks don’t get hurt. It’s good clean fun. I learned all about it in the Boy Scouts.

Yesterday’s game is the reason you watch the football. Even though you think you know what will happen, you never really know.

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