Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeat the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9

Super Bowl 55 took place last night, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers victoriously beat the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9. The score makes it look closer than it really was. The Chiefs looked quite bad. They may have been the reigning Super Bowl champs going into last night’s match, but they didn’t look like it.

Leading the Bucs to victory last night was 43-year-old journeyman quarterback Thomas Brady.  He was 21-of-29 passing for 201 yards and three touchdowns.

In a strange twist of fate, last night’s Super Bowl was held at Raymond James Stadium, the Buc’s home stadium. That’s never happened before. Super Bowls are normally played at neutral sites. Super Bowl locations are picked years ahead of time.

What’s that smell?

Because of COVID-19, only 22,000 fans were allowed in the stadium last night. Normally 66,000 fans pack Raymond James Stadium.

The fear of COVID-19 didn’t stop thousands of fans from gathering outside the stadium to celebrate. Some have referred to it as a superspreader event. I don’t know about that. Chances are, everyone celebrating last night has probably already had COVID-19 as well as a host of other communicable diseases.

The Tampa night air probably reeked of antibodies. I’m sure it was safe. Florida is one of the states that seem to know what it’s doing when it comes to COVID-19.


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