Bryce Harper throws tantrum, injures face

Former Hagerstown Suns outfielder and high school dropout Bryce Harper had his worst game last night since coming up to the majors in the Washington Nationals’ 7-3 win over the Cincinnati Reds. After making an out in the seventh, he walked down the tunnel from the Nationals’ dugout and struck a wall with his bat. The bat bounced off the wall and struck him in the face, opening a gash the required ten stitches.

Harper was able to return to the game. He took one more at-bat, striking out in the ninth. Harper finished the evening going 0-5.

When Harper went down that tunnel with his bat in his hand, his team was winning the game 7-2.

Statistically, Harper is batting .233. Last night, he averaged two stitches for each out.

Bryce Harper is a spoiled, immature brat. He represents everything that is wrong with professional sports.  He cares only about himself. It was true when he was in Hagerstown and it’s true now that he’s in the majors. It will probably be true his entire life.

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