Bryce Harper will play hard even if it kills him, unless he’s playing in Hagerstown

Washington Nationals 20-year-old phenom Bryce Harper took to the Twitterverse Tuesday to comment on Monday night’s attack on the Dodgers Stadium out-of-town scoreboard with his chin.

This is what he Tweeted on Twitter:

Take that players who choose to play safely and sanely, players who heed the warning presented to them by the existence of the warning track under their feet, or as Harper probably calls it, the go even faster track.

Harper plays baseball hard? Harper will never stop playing hard, even if it kills him? Harper respects the game?

Those are some strange statements coming from someone who admitted in an interview to not being too focused his last 20 games while playing here in Hagerstown because he didn’t want to be here. “Not too focused” and “wanting to get out of there” are the polar opposites of playing hard to the point of death. They’re also the polar opposites of someone who respects the game. Players who respect the game don’t talk about not being focused and wanting to leave the team they play for.

At least the smart ones don’t. Then again, smart players don’t run full speed into the out-of-town scoreboard, resulting in an injury that requires stitches and time away from the game they claim to respect. Smart players don’t do something stupid and then pretend they did something to be admired.

Speaking of stupid, why are the Nats claiming Harper didn’t suffer a concussion Monday night? It’s hard to watch the video of the incident and believe that Harper’s brain wasn’t concussed, even a little bit.

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