Bryce Harper wears Nike even though he endorses Under Armour

I was perusing Instagram last night when I spotted the above photo. It shows former Hagerstown Suns and Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper visiting the Mitchell & Ness flagship store in Philadelphia.  What caught my attention was his hoodie. Even though Harper signed a 10-year endorsement contract extension with Under Armour in 2016, he is wearing a Nike pullover hoodie.

Bryce Harper wears Nike even though he endorses Under Armor - Bent Corner
Men’s Philadelphia 76ers Nike Royal Spotlight Performance Pullover Hoodie – $69.99

I guess now that he’s playing baseball for the Philadelphia Phillies, he’s a life-long 76ers fan. As a result, must display his passion for the team to the public. The problem is, Under Armour paid him a lot of money. One of the things Under Armour expects of Harper in exchange for all that money is that he will not wear Nike. Does he understand that?

Maybe Bryce Harper thinks that by hanging his fanny pack strap over the Nike logo, people won’t know he’s wearing clothing made by Under Armour’s biggest rival. If that’s the case, think again Mr. Harper. Your fanny pack may help you in many ways, but concealing the fact that you are not a very good Under Armour brand ambassador is not one of them.

I don’t blame Harper for wanting to wear Nike when he thinks nobody is looking. I wouldn’t want to wear Under Armour either.

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