Bryce Harper is glad to be out of Hagerstown

Washington Nationals star prospect Bryce Harper spoke with CSN Washington about leaving Hagerstown and being promoted to class AA Harrisburg. Guess what? He hated being in Hagerstown. From DC Sports Bog:

“Those last 20 games, I was really, you know, really not too focused,” Harper said. “You know, I was wanting to get out of there, doing things that I shouldn’t have been doing. And once I got [to Harrisburg Monday night], baseball was fun again. It was a lot of fun being out here, being in this kind of crowd, this type of atmosphere. You know, that’s what you live for.”

Now that Hagerstown is in his rear view mirror, baseball is fun again. Let the angels sing!

As Dan Steinberg of Sports Bog points out, Harper was in Hagerstown for 83 games. If he was “not too focused” for 20 games, that means he was bored and wanted out of Hagerstown for 25 percent of the his season.

That’s not good.

I can’t blame Harper for wanting to be promoted. It’s perfectly natural for any top-prospect to want to be promoted to the next level. The problem, is that Harper lacked the intelligence to realize saying he wasn’t focused for a substantial amount of time was a really dumb thing to say. When he says stupid things like this, he only reminds people that he is a high school dropout. Of course Harrisburg is better than Hagerstown. Harrisburg is a AA organization and Hagerstown is low single A. It’s stupid to compare the two.

If Harper was bored in Hagerstown, wait till he gets called up to Washington. Every night is empty seat night in the nation’s capital. The Nats have had a losing record since relocating to Washington. The atmosphere in Washington is depressing.

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