Brianna Wu looks for someone to ‘throw down’ at PAX East

If you have a very particular set of skills, skills you have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make you a nightmare for people who make fake threats on Twitter and elsewhere on the Internet, than iPhone game developer Brianna Wu has an offer for you. She’s seeking someone to attend PAX East, a giant gaming convention in Boston organized by the folks at Penny Arcade, to serve as security for her and her iPhone game design company, Giant Spacekat (CSX).

The person needs to be a gamer (why?) and willing to “throw down” if called upon. She will provide a badge.

Here’s a screen grab from her Twitter post:

There’s many, many reasons it’s hard to take anything coming from Brianna Wu very seriously. This is one of those reasons.

If she truly needed security she would privately seek out the professional services of a licensed, and more importantly, bonded, security service. She wouldn’t just go on Twitter and troll for someone willing to “throw down” if called upon. Also, that’s not the way private security works. The function of private security is to get between the client and the threat and to immediately get the client away from the threat. The goal is to put time and space between the threat and the client, it’s not to engage or “throw down” with the threat.

She’s since taken the tweet down. I don’t know if this means she realized it was a bad idea to troll Twitter for private security guards, or if it was because she was able to find people to for her private security team and she simply doesn’t need anyone else.

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