The Black & Decker Easy 8-Cup coffeemaker

coffeeA couple of weeks ago I bought a Black & Decker Easy 8-Cup coffeemaker. I thought it would be a good idea to augment my Keurig single-serve coffee maker with a good old-fashioned drip maker. Why make coffee one cup at a time if I’m going to be home for a while? It seemed to me to be a good idea to have a coffeemaker that can make a whole pot.

What a stupid idea.

I set my sights on finding a coffeemaker with a simple on and off switch. I didn’t want any type of programing ability. I also wanted one that featured a cone filter, not a round basket filter. I think the cone filters make a stronger cup of coffee. The water passes through more coffee before it drips down to the pot. I also wanted a black coffee maker.

With these points in mind, I went to the coffee maker section at my local Walmart. I bought the Black & Decker Easy 8-Cup coffeemaker, model CM500BD. What a giant mistake.

This is the worst coffee maker I’ve ever owned.

It’s flimsy. It has a removable water reservoir on the back that is just a bit too removable. It also has two opening flaps for pouring water into the reservoir, one on the left and one on the right. Why this is a feature I don’t know. Has anyone ever poured water into a coffee reservoir and thought to themselves, I wish I could pour water in on the opposite side? I don’t think so.

It uses #4 cone filters, but for some inexplicable reason, it also uses the round basket type of filters too. To make this possible, two plastic tabs come down in the basket for the round filter to set on. The problem is, these tabs fall into round basket filter mode every time you remove a filter. This is an unnecessary pain in the ass.

Another unnecessary pain in the ass is the on/off switch.  It doesn’t have an on/off switch. Not really. The Black & Decker Easy 8-Cup coffeemaker is always on and to remind you of this fact, it features a bright blue LED light built into the switch. The light is so bright that it lights up the kitchen at night with an obnoxious blue glow that you cannot turn off. We started placing a dish towel over the switch at night.

What does the on/off switch do if it doesn’t turn it off? When you are making a pot of coffee, you must select how much coffee you want to make. If you want to make two cups, you press the switch once and a small orange light begins flashing. If you want to make four cups, you press the switch twice and a small green light begins flashing. If you want to go hog-wild and make eight cups, you press the switch three times and a red light begins flashing.

I never made anything less than an eight cup pot.

With most coffee makes, the on/off switch not only begins the brew cycle, it also controls the warming pad. With this piece of junk, the on/off switch doesn’t control the warming pad. No, the warming pad turns on and off on its own. I never could figure out when it would turn off. I knew if I didn’t drink my first two cups of coffee in the morning in quick succession, the third cup was going to be lukewarm.

The last straw with the Black & Decker Easy 8-Cup coffeemaker was its inability to make a second pot of coffee. For some reason, when trying to make a second pot of coffee, it would put about only an inch of coffee in the pot. It would then spend the next 20 minutes making percolation noises that sounded a lot like two pigeons engaged in raucous love-making.

I threw this awful coffee maker away yesterday and went to Sam’s Club and bought a 100-count box of Caribou Coffee Blend K-Cups for $43.

Take my advice and stay away from any coffee maker made by Black & Decker.

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