Beware of Finish Line ‘free trial’ magazine subscriptions

A few months ago, I stopped in at the Finish Line in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and bought a couple of t-shirts. While I was paying, the person running the register asked if I would be interested in a free trial to Sports Illustrated. I thought about it and decided that I would. I figured that when the free trial ran out, I could just cancel it.

My wife noticed this past weekend that $49.99 had been charged to my Visa Check card by TWX Sports. I had never heard of them before. I did a quick Google search and I learned that it is none other than Time-Warner.

Time-Warner publishes Sports Illustrated. My free trial wasn’t so free after all.

I never received a statement from them, nor did I know how long my “free” trial subscription to Sports Illustrated lasted. The best that I can figure is that they got hold of my Visa Check card information from Finish Line. I never gave any of my financial information to Time-Warner, nor did I give it to Finish Line for the purpose of signing up for a free trial subscription to Sports Illustrated.

I provided my Visa Check card to them to buy some t-shirts.

Not only did Finish Line sign me up for Sports Illustrated, it turns out that they also signed me up for Sports Illustrated for Kids. For that, I was charged $24.99.  At no time did I even want a trial subscription to this magazine.  I don’t have any kids.

I don’t even like kids.

This calls for a chargeback

I called my bank and I’m disputing both charges.  I’m feeling optimistic things will work out in my favor.  No matter what happens, I will not be agreeing to any more “free” subscriptions.

UPDATE: All the charges were reversed by my bank. I recommend that anyone scammed by Finish Line into paying for a “free” magazine subscription report the incident to their bank or their credit card company and start a chargeback. Maybe if enough people do that, the credit card companies will finally do something about this scam.

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  1. hey, same thing just happened to me. i looked at my bank account just a few minutes ago and noticed the same thing, and i’m here trying to figure out what i purchased the last 2 days!i’m so glad someone else is going through the same thing. well, not glad (sorry). Do you think we’ll get reimbursed or something?

    1. It just happened to today Sep 2016. I called the bank to see what is was the gave the number. She tried lowering the prices I said I don’t want it. I said I want my money now. She said it takes 7 to 10 days. I said I want your supervisor now. The supervisor isn’t there she said. After I threaten with a lawyer she said she have it back in there tomorrow. I said if it’s not in there I will call everyday. I said you guys stole from me you had no right. I was so mad I was swearing at her she kept apologizing. I can’t believe it still happen I read stories from 2008. She asked for my account again I said you have it. She said the last 4 numbers. I said you got 24 hours put it in that account.

    2. Same here man I just called and disputed that charge at no point ever did they say that I would be charged for anything. How was it even linked to my card? I think that the employers get a incentive for signing us up which is bullsh1t if they don’t disclose all the details.

  2. @jjny: That is why I decided to blog about it. I figured that if it happened to me, there was a good likelihood that it happened to others. My bank sent me a letter stating that they have “provisionally” credited my account the $74.90 that was taken out. They also sent me a form to fill out and sign.

  3. i found a $49.95 on my checking acct from twx sports illustrated – i called the bank & they looked until they found a toll free # 1-877-747-1054 for twx sports illustrated – had to wait a few minutes to talk to someone. got a real nice lady that said they would credit back to my acct approx 7-10 days was sorry about the mistake it orginated at finish line – we had bought our son some shoes before school started. i hope this helps someone else. mike

    1. Thanx for the info, I too bought shoe for my kids for school and had no idea that they would charge me, I’m called asap to cancel all issues before they charge me, thanx for the phone number!!!

    2. Thanks Mike for the info. I just checked my bank account today and found the charge. I am currently on hold to correct this situation. You are the only one who had the number posted. I tried to get from my bank but transaction has not been completed yet to give me the number. So thanks again.


    3. These people answer quickly. They helped out with the problem. Gave them my zip code, last name. They reversed the charges and cancelled everything. Thanks so much for the phone #!

      1. I only innocently looked on my cell phone for a certain excercie The website I visited then sent me a magazine for a 30 day trial and the cost! I never ordered that magazine and I’m a pastor and didn’t appreciate the front cover for mail man to see or my husband! Its an exercise Magazine but has articles listed on front cover I wouldn’t be seeking! Any advise in this I’m praying!

    4. Thank you so much for this number! I couldn’t find it anywhere. They just helped themselves to my bank account. I’m so upset, I’m not shopping at Finish Line again.

  4. The same thing happened with me. I don’t even remember being asked if I wanted a free trial subscription at Finish Line when I bought some shoes. After I got my first issue of SI in the mail, I called their customer service # and promptly had it canceled. About a month later, I received an issue of SI Kids in the mail, and I had already been charged on my visa $25. I called and said that I did not know who had ordered it and I would like for it to be cancelled immediately. The nice lady on the phone said my visa would be credited within 7 to 10 days. She then tried to sell me some other magazines to which I replied, sorry, I am a poor college student. Seems to me like Finish Line is engaging in some pretty dirty business practices alongside Sports Illustrated.

  5. My daughter who is 16 yrs old just got paid from her job and noticed that her account was short 59.95. As I check the account there is a charge from a TWX for 24.95 and because of that charge it made her account under so the bank charged her 35.00 for overdraft. I questioned her and the only thing she can remember was purchasing some sneakers at Finish Line which was like over 2 months ago and them asking her if she wanted a free subscription to sports illustrated which she decline. The bank cancelled her card and will be sending her a new one in the mean time I called that number and after waiting for like 5 mins customer service states there system is down to call in an hour. This charge is posted 2 days ago and my daughter bought those sneakers over 2 mts ago what a rip off. I’m glad I decided to look this up online come to find out other people are going through this to.

  6. My Bank put the money back into my checking account and I stopped getting “free” issues of Sports Illustrated and Sports Illustrated for Kids so I’m guessing my problem as been resolved.

    I’m not using my debit card as Finish Line again. If I have the choice, I wont be buying anything there ever again.

  7. So I have to tell you that I work for Finishline…I know, I know, worst part is is that I’m a cashier who is pressured day-in and day-out to ask every customer to sign up for Sports Illustrated. I have to say that I hate my job because of this and am also basically losing my job because I can’t bring myself to ask my customers in the sneaky way that were taught.

    My boss (who also makes money off each and every sign up) and the company are so driven by money that we are instructed to say “hey, you guys also get 2 months free of sports illustrated today, do you want mens or kids?” We are told to never use a yes or no question but pressure everyone to pick mens or kids!!! It absolutely makes me sick that I work for a company that has no morals or respect for the people that are willing to spend their money in out store. However I don’t know what to since I need the paycheck to pay for school….I wish I could tell my boss that I think the whole thing is crap but because he could care less I can’t say anything!

    I am telling you right now that if every time a cashier, at any store, asks you to sign up for a magazine subscription ask to speak to the manager and make it known how those work. If there is anyway to make these things go away it is with the help of the customers. I hate seeing people fall for these and I hate the companies that get away with it!!!

  8. Thank you so much for blogging about this as it helped me figure out where the charge came from on my own card. I am furious about this and have contacted the Maryland State Attorney General’s Office.

    As an aside, I was interested to see that my Google searching led me to a blog which originates in Williamsport, MD. We live in Halfway.

    Thanks again,

  9. @Jim A.: I was able to have the charge removed by my bank. As it turns out, it was really quite easy. Since you’re local, I highly recommend Sovereign Bank. Technically, they could have denied the request because too much time had gone by. We didn’t notice it till later. They did it anyway.

  10. Thanks Rick. My bank is USAA and they’ve taken good care of me in the past. I have no doubt they’ll take care of this too. I really hope, though, that Finish Line gets the clamps put on them for this. It is a major violation of the customer’s trust to pass credit card info like they did. I have to wonder what their credit card processing agreements have to say in this light…

  11. I too just noticed this today! I had a 50 dollar charge on the same card I used to purchase shoes. My statement showed a toll free number with the transaction and I called it. I talked to a very nice guy that seemed to be aware of the issue. He said I would be refunded.
    I simply told him that I purchased shoes from Finish line and the girl told me I would get free issues. I knew that something like this might happen so I asked her if they would ever charge my card for more. She said NO! I will never again agree to any offers at checkout. Lesson learned.

  12. November 1, 2008 at 8:46 PM..This how is Starting the first articol on this blog.How come a year Later nothing changed?I went shopping at finish line on October 2009 and been charged $49.95 and $18.95 on my Debit Card.I called the number of my statement and a nice Thef lady cleared the charges.A YEAR LATER THEY SAY SORRY AND CONTINNU STILING FROM PEOPLE WHO DON’T REED THE STATEMENTS.

  13. Just called the number Mike gave out at # 1-877-747-1054 for twx sports illustrated. talked to a nice lady and told her to cancel and she did but then she asks me if i like to sign up for other magazines. I told her no and asked if i would get confirmation email that my subscription has ended and she said no and just gave me her id#. She said that a few more issues will come but just to keep them and after that it should end. i just hope it does.

  14. Sorry but I never subscripcioned with you any contract in Clearwater an then I recive for two time in my credit card account 24dollar two mount ago and 49.95 dollar now I leave in Italy and I not speak englisc well this is for me a fraud .I called the number +1-877-747-1054 for the contest .
    If you not have my address where you can send me the magazine in Italy?
    This is a FRAUD.
    And now I denunced this to the customs office if you not reburse me.

  15. hi, i just went to the store today and someone ask me if i want a 2 months free subscription in the magazine,, and i sign up for it when i asked the cashier if it is for free…
    and I just wanna ask if can i comeback to the store again and cancel it out?

  16. This same thing happened to me. We got to keep the magazines they sent and we got a full refund. Next time I go to Finish Line I’m going to complain to them though….

  17. Like all of you same thing happened to me. I thought someone had my credit card numbers. I called the number on my bank statement for TWX Sports and she refunded my money. I’m also calling the Finish Line and complaining to them for misrepresenting the terms of getting the free magazine. They never told me I would have to cancel and that they would be STEALING my credit card number from me.

  18. I went to my bank this week because my account had a overwithdrawl charge. Low and behold, TWX sports illustrated of 57.00 was charged to my account, throwing everything off. So I have to get a new debit card and the bad thing is, is I have never recieved one magazine from them. I’m just glad that I found out what is going on. Never going to finish line again.

  19. Wow same thing happened to us twice!! The first time around we didn’t know it was from finish line- we called and cancelled the service. This time was when I bought a lone pair of sneakers and distinctly remember NO SALES PITCH for the magazine or anything. This is a travesty and I plan to write my local congressman’s office about it. It’s horrifying that they’re getting away with it!!

  20. Wow! I cannot believe this is the works of Finishline. I have been a customer with Finishline rewards for several years now and this is the first that I am having a bad experience with them. I just got of the line with their CS, thanks for providing the number because my bank didnt have it! I do enjoy their products & discount offers but this will be the first and last time I will have them make an unauthorized charge for a magazine I dont even have time to read on my account.

  21. This scam is STILL going strong as the same thing has happened to me! I just found the charges and am disputing them with the bank and I have called Time Warner as well. Today I found a $49.95 charge for Sports Illustrated and $29.95 for Kids Sports Illustrated. Ummmm….. I’m a single girlie, girl with no kids who would never want either subscription. Unacceptable!!

  22. Last night, I checked my bank activity, my available balance was not what it “should’ve been”, in my opinion. I woke up this morning, found a charge from S.I for $49.95. I: called S.I’s customer service @ 1-877-747-1054; spoke with a very polite gentleman; asked for a refund (because paying $49.95 were not my intentions, at all). No questions were asked, he agreed to credit my account for the amound I was charged in 7-10 business days and then I will be out of the system. My brother may receive more magazines, however, he said to keep them as a compliment of S.I and soon I will not be receiving anymore. —-Alls I did was my buy my brother some things from Finishline using my debit card. Lesson learned. I will only be using cash from now on! I will do a follow up in the next 7-10 days to let you know if I received my refund. I have a feeling I will…It seemed like the guy I talked to, heard this all before.

  23. The same exact thing happened to me, I’m glad to know that I’m not the only person they got with this. I’m working on getting my money back right now. Sports Illustrated was actually nice about it and they are now refunding me $49 for SI and $24 for SI Kids, hopefully they are going to stick to their word and I’ll see the money back in my account soon.

  24. Follow up: The $49.95 has been CREDITED back into my checking account. The representative that I spoke with on the phone, yesterday, said it would take 7-10 business days and to my surprise, it took 1 day, for me to receive my refund. I received it today. I’m satisfied, however I will only use cash from now on when I shop at Finishline.

  25. Yep. This scam is still hot!!! I made a purchase the week before Christmas at the Finish Line and a charge showed up on March 25….3 months later!!! NEVER did I even agree to the ‘free’ subscription, let alone paying for the subscription. The Finish Line is just taking everyones credit card info and doing with it what they please. I just called TWX Sports and the lady said I would receive a refund. There must be a way to stop this scam!!! I’m DONE with Finish Line!!!

  26. I just wanted to let you know that this is still going on. I noticed the charge for $49.95 this morning and after hitting up Google I found this post. The connection to shopping at Finish Line has been confusing me though. I wear a size 17 shoe so I haven’t been able to buy shoes in the mall since I was about 12 years old so I had no idea how I got roped into this. Then after I though of it for a bit I remembered, I bought a pair of Lego shoes for my son there about 3 or 4 months ago (I didn’t even remember the name of the store but after looking up which stores carried the shoes it made sense). Now that I’ve thought about the event a little longer, I recall how it all went down. As they were ringing up my purchase the girl asked if I wanted a free trial to some magazine, most likely SI but since I heard the word “trial” and “magazine” my brain tuned her out because I could care less. I jokingly replied that the word trial meant it would eventually run out and that they would expect some kind of payment after that and I wasn’t interested. I remember she tried to counter me a few times and continue with the pitch. After some back and forth I finally told her I just wanted shoes not a magazine subscription. The fact that they went ahead with it anyway shows a sad level of ethics from Finish Line. I’m waiting for my bank to open now so I can call them and dispute the charges, then I’m stopping by that finish line on the way home from work.

  27. Yeah the same exact thing happened to me. Called the bank, but they said I’d have to wait until the transaction actually went through, so I did some searching on Google and it led me here. I’m currently on hold with the company now to get this situation straightened out. I too will be contacting Finishline as well!!!

  28. Thanks for all the info, I too just fell victim of this scam. I bought my kids shoes back in February and found the charges today for the magazines. I as well declined the magazine offer. I plan on calling the number and hopefully will be refunded. I will never shop at Finish Line again!

  29. I had the same issue too! i just checked my bank account and saw that charge! i was pretty freaking pissed! i don’t even know how they got a hold of my account number. i called my bank and they gave me the number to the company. i called them and gave them a piece of my mind! they cancelled everything and said they will refund my money (they better or i will be punching someone!) but it would take 30 to 60 days which is totally ridiculous!
    i will never again sign up for any “free” subscriptions!!! i knew it was too good to be true!

  30. I called SI 800-463-1901. That was the number on my bank statement. They must get this a lot because she cancelled it and credited me back, no questions asked. Plan on going to Finishline and make them aware of what they are doing.

  31. The same thing happened to me today when I noticed a charge from SI for $49.95. I called the toll free # 1-877-747-1054 for twx sports illustrated and spoke w/ a gentleman who said that a refund will be issued to my bank acct within 7 days. DO NOT agree to the free subscription scam that FinishLine spills off to you while paying for your merchandise. They NEVER said it was a trial and that you will be charged after the trial membership expires. Major SCAM that I will be reporting–meanwhile I will not shop at FinishLine ever again!!!!

  32. This has happened to me as well, except I knew that I would have to call and cancel after my free subscription was up otherwise I would be charged. A few weeks passed though and I never received any magazines so I called then and canceled the free trial offer and the man I spoke with at Sports Illustrated said he did not even see me in their system and reassured me that my credit card would not be charged anything. Months have gone by and I have now been charged $53 for a subscription, I immediately got on the phone with Sports Illustrated and the man I spoke to said he still did not have my name and number in their system, he then asked for my credit card number and turns out the subscription was under someone else name and address but my visa credit card was charged. They have agreed to refund the money but the charged caused me to receive overdraft charges and late fees from my bank that I am working on getting credited back as well.

  33. I encourage anyone who has been fleeced by this scam to not call Time Warner and to instead call your credit card and initiate a chargeback. If enough people do this, the credit card companies will eventually take action to stop Time Warner from doing this. Plus, Time Warner has to pay a penalty for every chargeback they receive that is ruled against them. When you call them and agree to jump through their hoops to get the charge reversed, you are only helping them.

    They have already scammed you, why allow them to get off easy?

  34. Thank You for everyone who is helping to figure it out why did this
    Aug 8, 2011 TWX*SPORTS ILLUSTRAT PENDING ($24.95)
    I can’t sleep knowing someone is charging me like this or when did we get this? So i was thinking that maybe my husband order this magazine. But i was actually think that They was sending me alot if sports illustrated magazine for a month, which is my name also wrong spelling? so i look up online & type the # in the magazine then i did decline it to send me more. Thought that would already DONE but couple days they send me new magazines, which is the kids sports illustrated. REALLY? and now they chrage me for that.

    And yes we bought a shoes in a Finish Line` dont really kow what the cashier said but i was tell her NO to do that. I love the shoes they sell but thinking they dont help the costumer but riffing off. I wouldn’t go in there anymore or nowhere store that asking for a FREE crap.

    @Claudio Scerrato: Thank You for the # surely calling them tomorrow to straight this problem. And thank you for everyone for sharing your problem here also.

  35. I just had the same thing happen. The charge just showed up. I called Finish line and the manager said I could cancel. I called another number he gave me that you may want to use: 866.494.3118. This is Time Warner’s Customer Service Department. They were very friendly and said they would issue a refund in 7-10 days. If they don’t I will file a claim with my bank. I will warn you: My bank (Chase) said it was set up as a recurring charge. So keep an eye on your statements as they may try it again if you went only through your bank.

    They made this pitch to my son who told them no first then said OK once the clerk said it was free. What TERRIBLE business practices Finish Line has. I will tell my son to NEVER shop there again. He is 18 so they just lost out on years worth of business due to greedy and nefarious claims that something was free. The TW rep said that you should always call on free trials if you want to cancel. While that is probably true, they did NOT tell my son that and what 18 year old knows that. Many adults do not. They have chosen to partner with a questionable business partner in Front Line.

    @Rick, thanks for taking the time to blog about this. I appreciate it. Just so Google does the most good in this unfortunate situation, I have provided some key words below that the bots will pick up to hopefully help others out.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Finish Line: criminal, misleading, nefarious
    Finish Line Sports Illustrated: Buyer Beware, Caveat Emptor, pressure tactics, questionable business practices
    Finish Line: Free subscription is not free
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  36. Just noticed the $49 transaction from TWX in my bank account Today. I called the number to cancel it and they said they would credit my account. Has anyone actually recieved the money back? I am worried it was too good to be true that it was THAT easy!
    Jess Stephens

    1. Calling the number on your credit card statement and asking for a refund only ensure that this scam continues.

      If you instead contact your credit card company and initiate a chargeback, not only will you get all your money back, TWX will be penalized for scamming you. If they get enough chargebacks, the credit card companies can revoke their merchant account.

  37. i just found out now that i was charged last AUg. 2, 2011 for $26.97 …. i’m so pissed off and swear never to shop at Finish Line again! what’s the best thing to do first call TWX SI and cancel it or call the credit card company and dispute it ….. is it the right word dispute ? or what? i just found it now …. thank you

  38. I just had the same thing happen. Got some shoes from Finish Line like 4mon ago. I do remember salesman asking if i want to get some Sports magazines for free I told him no I dont like sports i’m a computer guy. I just got two charges 9/8 for $53.82 and 9/6 for 26.88 from TWX*SPORTS ILLUSTRATED on my chase cc I just opend two disputes with chase tonight. let’s see what happens.

  39. THese ppl are still up to no good. I googled the number listed on my statement and this was the first link. No one answered the 877-747-1054 number so I called SI customer support number and they picked right up. SI said that I had signed up for a “automatic” renewal which is total BS. I advised them of this and they said they would refund my money so I will keep an eye on my account until I see the charges reversed. This kind of stuff really makes me mad.

  40. Yea this is happening to me too I am on the phone with Finishline because how dare they sell credit card info to anyone. I am going to write to corporate and been calling them everyday for 3 days nd will contiune to call them till theyrefund my overdraft fee.

  41. This happened to me in Missouri. I bought shoes last Spring 2011. Just 2 days ago 10/18/11 TWX Sports Illustraited charged $53.81 to my account. I gave them my address for “3 free issues” and nearly 6 months later there is a recurring credit running on my account. Frustraiting. I am going to try the toll free #1-877-747-1054 and I’ll let you know how it goes!!

    1. If you call your credit card company and initiate a chargeback, not only will you get all your money back from TWX, they will have to pay a penalty. Enough people initiate a chargeback, TWX will get their rates raised and/or have their credit card processing ability revoked.

  42. This happened to me too. They asked me at finish line if I want to subscribe for a free trial magazine and yesterday they charged me 49.95 and today 24.95. Now I can’t sleep knowing that somebody is stealing money from my bank account.

    Thanks Rick for your help I appreciate that.

  43. Alright I just had the same thing happen to me. My account is negative and I hope I get a shit load of over draft fee’s so they have to suffer for that mistake of theirs. They even said they’d pay for my overdrafts fee’s. They were eager to refund my money like their so used to these calls. They probably get these calls every hour if not more. I’m sure of it lol. But yeah thanks for that number. It’s useful =)

  44. WOW…. just googled sports illustrated and finish line trying to figure out what the heck happened here. They are scum. I bet the workers get commission from every person they sign up.

  45. I work for Finish Line, and can tell you that we do get $1 for each subscription. Most of us don’t consider that enough $$ to “scam” people. Problem is, the Store Manager/District Managers get a bonus if we hit our goal for the week (every store has a different goal.) So, if we want hours and to keep our job we have to try and sign a few people up a month at the least. Write to corporate and direct them to this blog if you really want them to stop.

  46. @jjny: well my bank (regions) is waiting until the charge post and then they will refund me.. On the other hand I just called the magizine company and according to them they never heard of me, my address, or my card number.. so i just changed cards..

  47. @Nick: so you think its ok to charge us after your co-workers said that it was free and the card we fill out was free.. and why do you give out our credit/debit cards number.. that is not finish line place to provide… and i shouldn’t say you, your company..

  48. The same exact thing just happened to me for $53.32. I called my bank and they gave me the number to contact them and the lady that answered the phone refunded the money back to my account. She said that the people who signed you up for the “free” magazine should have explained the terms and conditions and not just made people believe that it is free. It’s just like .. you have to cancel in order to not get charged.

    My advice is pay in cash when you go to Finish Line!

  49. they offered me a discount for a next purchase and instead they made me sign that pamphlet so there intentions were to sign me up for Sports ill. for a free trial but I didnt know what these magazines were for so i had no idea about it. When i went to reclaim to the store the manager told me that she cant explain about the subscription to the magazine because they are “busy”. The charged me 110$ to my debit card. Dont trust fininsh line, it is all a scam!

  50. We need to start a boycott on FinishLine! This is unfair and every person should get their money back! They had me in their trap for a year. I will be calling my Bank monday!

  51. I live in Orlando fl. I to looked at my bank account and seen a charge from TWX. I was like what the heck is this. I’m glad I seen this blog because it really helped me. They first charged me 49.95 one week then the next week they charged me 29.95. I was irritated because the first time I called I asked the girl if she had taken care of everything because I didn’t want to get charged anymore. Well obviously she didn’t bother to look and see that they were charging me for another magazine. I will never shop at Finish Line again. This has been a real headache. I never signed up for this.

  52. I went to finish line months ago and I bought some shoes and some shoe spray. I was hit with the same exact fraudulent charges. On 1/20/2012 I was charges $53.45 for two sports illustrated magazines. and on 1/23/2012 I was charged $26.70 for a kids sport illustrated magazine too. I was ripped off by TWX*SPORTS ILLUSTRATED for a total of $ 80.13. I filed a for dispute for both charges at my bank and I got my money back and got a new card with a different number on it.

  53. Same FRAUD happened to me, I called my bank because I thought my account had been stolen. I went through the whole process of making a claim with my bank and having to get my debit card replaced and now I have to contact all the places that I have monthy payments taken froom my debit card or on file Ebay, Amazon,Comcast etc. and put my new card on file with them. I called the number to Sports Illistrated today and I am currently on hold. I told the operator I was NEVER told there would be any charge to my debit card at FinishLine and I was actually LIED to by the girl that rang me up and it was ABSOLUTLEY FRAUD. she is currently talking to her supervisor to see if they can reverse the charge. I will be heading to the FinishLine store when I am off the phone to talk with the manager.
    Just got off the phone they told me they tried hitting my bank account three times before this and it wouldnt accept the charge and that it is “in limbo” I got my account number and will have to call them back. I reminded the operator that I had to cancel my card and all the trouble this has caused me and that the FinishLine employee absolutley LIED to me. I will be back to update this in a few days.

  54. This happened to me as well. I called the toll free number (1-877-747-1054) and a nice lady answered. I barely got 1 line out of my shpeel before she figured out I wanted to cancel my subscription and get my money refunded. She kindly apologized and said that the money will be refunded, should hit my account in 1-2 business days, and I’ll get my last magazine in March. The weird thing is that I never signed up for these magazines or agreed to a free trial. I think the workers at my Finish Line were desperate and signed me up without my consent. I’ve ordered online before so I assume that’s how the got my address and what not. Just terrible..

    Although this situation is terrible, it seems the people at Sports Illustrated are understanding and extremely helpful. I’m still angry with Finish Line of course and will not shop there anymore but I’m glad the situation was taken care of in a friendly manner. Good luck guys!

  55. The same thing also happened to me! I ordered a Nascar T-Shirt on and got a 3 month subscription to SI for $1 along with a free T-Shirt. On March 3rd my credit card was charged $55.44 for SI, which I DID NOT AUTHORIZE. The telephone # 800-463-1901 – was the originator. I immediately called the # and they apologized for this charge. They said it was an “automatic renewal” and they never received permission from me to do this. I immediately cancelled this subscription and am VERY disappointed that SI would be a part of such a SCAM!!!!!

  56. This just happened to me. Well I will be going down to finish line to mother F them Then i will be calling sports illustrated and my bank to get my money back. i absolutely believe that we should consider a class action suit lawsuit against finish line for violating our privacy and fraud. This is ridiculous and something needs to be done.

  57. This just happened to me I bought some shoes at fish line for xmas however nothing about any magazine was mentioned to me the only thing they told me was if I wanted to give a small donation decided I would b nice and do my part give a small donation but now I just saw I got charges 49.95 for twx SI… So apparently this has just being going on for years.Now I need to look back at my account make sure I haven’t been charge anything else Grrrrh this is just a bunch of bulll….

  58. Same thing just happened to me. I just got off the phone reporting a $49.95 charge to my account which I did not authorize. It’s from my Christmas Finish Line purchase where I was offered a “free” SI subscription for my son. I hope I get reimbursed. This is just plain wrong and I’m ashamed that Finish Line is involved with it. I have never had any correspondence from SI or anyone saying that I was going to be charged for their subscription. I want my money back!!!

  59. Hello! This happened to me too. Actually, I happened to catch the withdrawal while it was pending so I notified the bank and they took care of that. In the meantime, I also wanted to ensure that I wouldn’t be charged further, so I entered in my information on the sports illustrated website ( and clicked “Cancel Your Subscription” and I got a notice that I would receive a refund immediately. It would’ve saved me a lot of time had I known that earlier so I thought I’d share it here 🙂

  60. Looks like this blog started in 2008 and I was just charged here in May of 2012. Apparently nothing is being done about this scam. I called SI and they did credit my card back without any hassel (or they said they would, we’ll see in 7-10 days) But when I told the customer service rep that I wasn’t expained to about the promotion or even recall being offered the promotion she said I was consenting when I signed my reciept and the rest of the information was on there. Guess when I sign a reciept to purchase an item I better start looking to make sure I didn’t sign up to buy more than I what I bargained for. For sure I’ll NEVER return to Finish Line!

  61. @GQ: I too stopped shopping at Finish Line. There’s no reason to. You can get anything they sell elsewhere.

    Sadly, this scam is going to continue until enough people initiate chargebacks with their credit card companies. Not only will the investigation result in getting all of your money back, TWX SPORTS will have to pay for the chargeback investigation, if enough chargebacks happen in a specific amount of time, they can lose the ability to process with Visa and Mastercard.

    Also, when you sign a credit card receipt, it’s authorizing them, the name of the business on the receipt, to charge your card. It doesn’t authorize TWX SPORTS or any other third-party to charge your card. What you were told is just no true. That’s one more reason not to call TWX SPORTS and to instead call your credit card company.

  62. The EXACT thing just happened to me. When I googled sport illustrated and finish line, this was the first thing that popped up. So I did what everyone else did and called up sports illustrated. The woman was very nice and said she will be refunding me the money in 7-10 days, so hopefully it will happen.

    It is wrong that it happened to so many people since 2008 and it is still happening. Something should be at finish line to stop this or to warn people that they will be charged before signing up.

  63. Same thing happened to me. We ALL need to report The Finish Line to the BBB, as well as initiate charge backs, as Rick R. suggests. Anything we can do to let the public aware of their scam BEFORE it happens, rather than wait until they *hopefully* find the charges on their bank statements. We need to get the word out via all possible avenues that The Finish Line is a total scam.

  64. I went to finish line a couple of months ago for shoes and when I was ready to check out the cashier asked if I wanted free magazines from Sports Illustrated. I asked if there was a charge and she said no so I signed up..BAD IDEA! I just noticed that today my account was 49.95 short(pending) which also is a negative amount which also means I might get charged an overdraft fee of $30! Before they charged me that amount they had also charged me 24.95 for Sport Illustrated KIDS! If you have been charged for the kid’s edition first, careful you might get charged for the adults later. How could this happen?? I never gave authorization for them to use my card for these stinking magazines nor did I ever receive something in the mail that said I would be charged after a certain amount of time! I advise you to use cash when you go to Finish Line. I’ll be calling my bank in the morning. Hopefully they can do something about this.

  65. This just happen to me and I was charged $54.70 to my debit card. I did not authorize this and I called the 800 number and asked for the charges to be removed. I was told they would be credited back in 7-10 days. I plan on calling my bank tomorrow and asking for a charge back and get a new debit card. I would of called my bank first but its Sunday and they are closed. I think we all need to get together and file a lawsuit. It is obvious there is enough people to file. This is not the only site where people reported this. If anyone is interested email me We need to stop this before more victims get scammed.

  66. @BRENDA: If you’re not filling a chargeback, you’re part of the problem. If even a tenth of the people this scam happened to submitted a chargeback instead of calling TWX SPORTS and pleaded with them to return the money they stole, this wouldn’t still be happening.

  67. The information on this blog was very helpful. I included a copy with the dispute (charge back) I filed with my bank. I also called TWX to cancel the (“free trial”) subscriptions to both SI and SI Kids initiated thru Finish LIne. The fact that this continues after 4 years is a sad commentary on business practices of both Finish Line and TWX and how desperate the print media is today for subscribers.

  68. thx for blogging this.
    They just scam my visa card. I bought shoes at Finishline about 2~3month ago. and i dont even remember i was asked for a free subscription. i didnt even sign up for this. Good thing i find TWX Sports charges me just today morning.
    i call 877-747-1054 to cancel. The lady told me they charge me two so i guess men and kid magazine, it was $49.95 and $24.95. lady help me out to refund and she told me it will refund to credit card within 10days.
    I love to shop at finishline, but this scam make me sick and so upset.
    i would be fine if i received any free magazine before they actually charge me. i never received a single magazine called TWX sports and never heard about.

    Anyway, my problem is solved.
    thank you for blogging this, and go to hell finishline.
    sad thing is i need to keep shopping at finishline they are the best shoe store i know. sucks!

    1. When you called 877-747-1054 and asked for your refund did they asked you for your account number, or your card number? Can you please tell me the kind of information they asked in order to give you your money back because the same thing happened to me and I am really concerned.

  69. My daughter just called in tears, it seems that she now knows the reason her account has not balanced up for the last few months. She explained to the teller that it doesnt make sense that her checking acct. is always short so they looked into it. Yep FinnishLine!!! BUT the free sports illustrated has been charged to her account EVERY month since she made a purchase there and not only for her FREE Sports Illustrated Kids but for the regular Sports Illustrated resulting in a ton of overdraft fees not to mention what this is doing to her credit report. She used her debt card at the registar. She, like the others above did not give permission for use of bank info to FinnishLine for anything OTHER than the store purchase. Smells like a class action claim to me…..

  70. THIS IS BULLCRAP!! I don’t understand why this has been allowed to go on for so long. This is fraud for a company to give your credit card number to another business. I mean where is the CITIZENS/CUSTOMERS APPRECIATION? I can’t believe FINISH LINE would actually scam a customer who spent $200 with them. Do they realize the trouble I have been through? It’s insane to make someone spend hours talking to people to get MY HARD EARNED MONEY BACK!! I’m not rich like sports illustrated or finish line and to prey on a customer with 4 children is just absolutely sickening! I had my bank account over drawn, had to turn my debit card off which means I had to rush to the bank to get money for gas, a charge was rejected due to these UNKNOWN CHARGES!! I mean sports illustrates didn’t even send a notice to me that they was going to charge my card. THIS IS FRAUD. CALL YOUR STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL!!! We need to stop this robbery. This is not fair at all. Call your bank to get your money back immediately once the charge posts. Stand up and lets get justice against this corporate scam artists!!!!

  71. Same thing happened to me. Its middle of August and still going on 3 years strong. I called my bank to start the charge back. Hope they have their ass handed to them. Its pathetic.

  72. Had the same thing happen to me at Finish Line. Made a purchase in March and just now received two charges on my credit card statement. I immediately called the credit card company. The disputed charge customer service rep. called Time Warner, and we had a three party chat. I never received an invoice, magazines, or any communication for Time Warner/Sports Illustrated. The name tied to my credit card number was someone else’s name and address. The charges are being removed. It seems odd though the person at Time Warner seemed surprised that this could be happening. Based on reading all the comments above, I don’t know why she was surprised. I won’t shop at Finish Line again.

  73. Had the same issue happen to me all because of Finish Line. Called the number provided in the comments above and the nice lady on the other end apologized for the issue and canceled the subscription and refunded the “new” subscription. Thanks for this blog!

  74. Bought a pair of shorts and a t-shirt for my brother in June and just noticed a $24.95 charge for SI on my statement today. Called my bank as suggested and they referred me to call the 877-747-1054 number because otherwise they would have to report it to their insurance company.

    I told the SI Kids rep that I never subscribed to any magazine and she said that the account was cancelled and would be credited to my account within 7-10 day, she originally said 60-90 and then corrected herself. Thanks for nothing, Finish Line!

  75. i was just hit with the same $49.95 amount and the funny thing is that i was never told about a sports illustrated and i actually thought i was signing up for a reward program , this is insane. i had to cancel and lock my account thinking that someone had gotten access to it and debit card. this is not cool at all . i will never shop again in any finish line store. what makes it worst is that they are sharing my debit card number with other companies without my approval. A class action lawsuit needs to be filled against FINISH LINE .

  76. My husband and I fell for this ploy, as well. After making a purchase at Finish line about 3 months ago, a charge for $24.95 showed up on our bank acccount. What a nice “thank you” for dropping $200 there, right? After researching online, I found 2 numbers and below is my experience:

    1-877-813-4977: Was told they could not find my account, even after providing full name and address. They asked for bank account information and I said “no”. The service rep. filled out a report to customer service and said someone would call within 5 business days.

    1-877-747-1054: This is the line for subscribers of SI with Finish Line (need a whole other department to deal with these claims, I suspect). Again, the rep. asked for my bank account which I would not give, but this time she was able to locate my account by my name and address. I explained the charges were unauthorized and I never received a bill/notification. Subscriptions were cancelled without her trying to upsell me, and the charges will be reversed within 72 hrs (I have a confirmation number to prove it).

    1) Be nice. People are more willing to help if you’re not being an a-hole. It’s not their fault you were charged- it falls on us for not reading the fine print (many times, true) and on Finish Line (or whatever company) for having shady business practices.
    2) Call both lines if you need to.
    3) Never give bank account information over the phone and get a confirmation number once you have been promised the refund.

  77. Customer Services reps for SI do the best they can to solve the problem.. Unfortunately finishline is not doing what they are suppose to. They are suppose to explain that this is a trial and after the ten free issues the card you used at the store will be charged for the One yr on SI and or Si for Kids. When calling if you just tell the rep that you were not aware of the charges you will be full refunded with no problems at all. All of the people that have been charged like this all have the same problem. They were never told that they would charged. Just call and cancel and you will get all your money back with no questions asked. Also remember that your rep your talking to on the phone, did not use your card and had nothing to do with what happened to you. So be nice.

  78. This is a god reason to boycott Finish Line. Dirtbag organization. There are so many other sporting goods stores that don’t use these underhanded tactics.


  79. Wow, this just happened to me too. I haven’t shopped at FinishLine since probably March and I NEVER agreed to any free subscription – I don’t even follow sports and I know damn well that anything claiming to be a “free trial” is not so free after all. So today I had a $49 and $25 “recurring” check card charge to my account from none other than Sports Illustrated. Googling the account led me here – apparently their customer service center is closed because it’s the weekend, but based on all these responses hopefully I should be getting a refund. Already changed my bank card number though. I’ll never ever shop at FinishLine again – or Journeys, Hat World, Lids, and Johnston & Murphy because they are all owned & operated by FinishLine. I’ve had nothing but horrible experiences with this company and this one just takes the cake. Stay away, people!

  80. Well I work for TWX Sports aka Time Warner and I musts ay I have had my share of calls where u guys call and bite our heads off because u feel like it is our fault that yalls cards or accounts have gotten charged when its actually FinishLine’s fault for not telling it to u straight. U get 10 weeks free of regular SI and 2 weeks free of SI for Kids and if u dont call us by the end of ur free trial u will get charged. Now if u dont know anything about it just call and we will gladly refund ur money to ur account in 7-10 days but u dont have to curse at us and stuff because of what finishline did because we understand and are there to help u. That is all.

  81. Same exact thing just happened to me! I bought shoes at The Finish Line a few months ago and this month I have a $53.32 charge from TWX Sports Illustrated. I’m going to call my credit card company and tell them I didn’t authorize this charge!

  82. I received two charges, $49.95 and $24.95, from TWX*Sports Illustrated, which I did not authorize. Finish Line apparently does this to many of their customers. I will never shop their again. I believe this is a fraudulent action and they should be fined for this. They are in violation of citizens right for both authorizing purchases and providing private information without the consent of their customers, and misleading their customers.

    I called TWX numbers that appeared on my credit card transaction, 877-747-1054 and 800-992-0196, and I get a message saying they are having systems problems. I reported this to my creditor and they will put a stop pay on any new charges from this vendor.

    Shame on you Finish Line and any of your partners.

  83. Hey guys about a year ago I bought some shoes at finish line and I too fell in this scam! Until today I was being charged 34.99 I was so confused so I decided to google it and I found this. First thing I’m doing tomorrow is calling them to get my money refunded. Hopefully. And I’m never ever buying from finish line again!

  84. I had the same offer to me during my last visit to FL. The clerk did ask me if I wanted a free trial subscription and I said yes. She then said to be sure and read the reciept I had been given. On the reciept, in plain black and white, where clear instructions on what I was getting and my responsibilities if I did not want to incurr charges. I followed the instructions given and had no issues with either SI, or Front Line. Both were very up front on what I was getting for “FREE” and what would happen if I choose not to cancel.
    Simply put, nothing is “FREE” and we should all take care to remember this. Nothing new here, old as any of us. Read the instructions.

    1. You’re assuming that what it stated on your receipt is what it said on my receipt way back in 2008. You know what it says in the Bible about assuming…

      With that said, there was nothing on my receipt about the “trial” subscriptions, not for Sports Illustrated for Kids or Sports Illustrated. That was the whole point of the chargeback I initiated and won. I was charged for something I didn’t agree to and it wasn’t on the receipt. That is against Visa Mastercard regulations.

      It says so in black and white.

    2. After reading all of these Im nervous I will get charged. Even though I said no I dont need it. But he did sign me up for rewards card.

      When you said yes, did you have to sign anything or did it show up on your receipt?
      On the receipt was there a promo code that needed to be entered ?
      Was the receipt long fill of the fine print?

      thank you.

      1. our problem happened 2 yrs ago but when my daughter checked out they asked if she would like a free subscription to Sports Illustrated she said no one would read it and he asked about the childrens sports illustrated so she said yes. she didn’t sign anything. she noticed she got charged when her account was all of a sudden over drawn. They went ahead and charged the girls checking account for a “free” magazine. She had to go through the credit card company to get the charges reversed. Check your statement.

  85. Same happened with me at finish line, although i said NO thanks, i received couple of magazines, then today i found a charge on my amex i reported this to AMEX and they said they will dispute it. this clear fraud.

  86. Just happened to my son who used his debit card to purchase shoes, he has no recollection of ever being asked about a “free” subscription”. The problem with a debit card, at least at PNC is to get the charge removed they cancel the card and reissue another one. He is out of state and uses his card at college so this is not a good option. Called the TWX number and they said they would remove the charge, what a hassle and waste of my time.

    will NEVER shop at Finish Line again, especially after reading the post from an employee of Finish line

  87. Yep. They got my wife and son as well. $49.95 for both SI and SI Kids. I just called and cancelled. They also stated the same 7-10 business days for the refund to appear. Nothing is free and this is totally shady on the part of Finish Line. I hadn’t been there in years and we won’t be going back.

  88. @rick-rottman thanks a bunch for posting this I was charged the same fees about three days ago I called to complain and also asked if I was “subscribed” to any other magazines and sure enough I was also subscribed to “SI for kids” this is a rip off the cashier at finish line talked me into signing up to their rewards program and in doing so never mentioned anything about a subscription to any magazine from the postings I’ve been reading on this thread I wonder if what their doing to customers justifies a class action lawsuit

  89. I’m ALL for a class action lawsuit! This is madness it is STILL going on! Earlier this year we stopped by Finish Line to pick up some basketball socks for my daughter. They asked us if we wanted a free trial of SI. We didn’t think anything of it and figured we’d get a letter before our free trial ended to cancel. I also knew we had not given any credit/debit card info so I didn’t worry about anything. I DID NOT know they could pull that info from a different transaction and make a legal sale??? How is that even allowed? I did not say, “Yes sign me up for a free trial and please use my same info from my credit card I just used!” I will never, ever shop at Finish Line again. Don’t they know word of mouth can spread like wild fire? I sure hope it does!
    Thank you for posting this!

  90. After going through my recent credit card statement, I noticed a charge from TWX*SPORTS ILLUSTRATED in the amount of $53.76. After the initial confusion, I realized that four months ago I had purchased a pair of running shoes from Finish Line and got the same pitch “Would you like two free issues of Sports Illustrated with your shoes?”. I was never informed that these two free issues would turn into a full subscription without my consent.

    I plan on contacting my bank this afternoon to dispute these charges and initiate a chargeback. I have always been fond of Finish Line, but they have now lost a long time customer. Most importantly, I plan on warning the uninformed of their unethical business practices.

  91. I have a follow up to my post from just a few weeks ago-My husband called and got this refunded within a day, so that was nice, no hassle. The other day I checked the mail and noticed we have yet another magazine, my husband said they said on the phone we still may get some, so I didn’t pay it any attention, just noted that it had Kids Sports Illustrated this time. What do you know, today I notice a charge of $26.70. I guess my husband will be calling yet again :/ This is just plain ridiculous!

  92. The same thing happend to me i went into my bank today to get online to check my transactions and to make sure all of my monthly bills had cleared my checking account. And I saw that my Bank debit card had been charged 49.95 Merchant name was TWX Sports LLUS. I have never signed up for any sports lllustrated magazines but i have shopped at Finish Line a couple times in the past to buy shoes ect. I did some paper work with my bank to dispute the charges ect. and when i came home i got online to google to see could i find a number for the merchant ect. I found a number and i called it, spoke with a lady who couldn’t find any account or anything under my name, when i gave her the card number which had been charged she took me the magazines had been and were going to an address in Fresno, Texas. I don’t know anyone in texas and i explained to her that, and told her i don’t have a clue how they could have got my banking information, or debit card number ect. She also said, something about finish Line i told her i’ve shopped there in the past but i’ve never signed up for any magazines or and substricptions ect. she said, they refund me my money with-in 7-10 days to the card which was charged. i don’t know how they’d be able to do that when the bank put in to reissue me a new debit card ect. this informatin i found was very helpful, and i plan to go to my bank again on money to let them know this issue has happend to other people as well. i’ll never shop at finish line again. the contact number to speak to someone if this happens to you iis 1877-747-1054

  93. You are required to sign something with all of the terms and conditions. Most people do not read the terms of the contract. It is a legal sale. Instead of blaming finishline, blame yourselves for being negligent.

  94. I am also of a victim of this scam. I went into Finish Line in March 2014 to purchase shoes for my daughter at the store. When paying for her shoes the clerk asked me if I wanted a free magazine for 3 months. I declined and he said “If’s free and you don’t want it?” So, I agreed not thinking too much of it. It would never cross my mind I would be charged as I didn’t provide a payment method or sign up for a magazine. I went online to pay my mortgage and noticed the charges of $49.95 and $24.95 deducted from my account. I called Time/Sports Illustrated and asked how they got my credit card information and permission to charge my credit card. I was advised by signing the register receipt for the purchase it authorized them to charge me for the magazine subscription. Here I thought I was signing for my purchase. SCAM!! Today I called my local store and asked for the manager. I was connected to a man named Manny. As I explained the situation and how upset I was for being scammed, he talked over me to other sales staff while on the phone. Clearly, he didn’t care what I was saying. He told me I must not have heard the clerk tell me I would be charged for this subscription. I suggested they must receive commission for scamming people and he said they do not receive any commission (not true as we see from Finish Line employees advising otherwise on this site). I am now contacting the Company president, Sam Sato with my concerns. This needs to stop!! I WILL NEVER SHOP AT FINISH LINE AGAIN!!! I will be sure to tell everyone I know not to go to this store. On a positive note I was able to receive a refund…but it still does not make it right.

  95. same thing just happen to me just got of the phone with a nice lady who said i would receive my money in 7-10 business days is it really that easy ? and another thing how long did the money take to get back to y’all’s account

  96. Actually, y’all do have to sign to receive these magazines. The fine print was there in front of yall. It used to be on paper but now they’re signed on the pin pad screen. When y’all sign, you’re agreeing to let finish line give your card info to sports illustrated. Y’all are notified on your last issue that you will be charged if not cancelled. You can file against Finish Line when sports illustrated has your signatures on record. Read the fine print (:

  97. @Stephanie: No, nothing you said is correct, at least it wasn’t when I first wrote this back in 2008. This is a total scam. It’s the reason I was able to successfully file a chargeback. If there was a signature from me agreeing to be obligated to Sports Illustrated and Sports Illustrated for Kids, the chargeback would not have been approved.

    If more people would go the route of a chargeback instead of calling Time-Warner and begging for their money back, this scam would have been shut down years ago. There only reason people even get their money back from Time-Warner is because they know they have no legal right to do what they did and if anyone scammed by this were to file a chargeback with their credit card, it would be ruled in the cardholder’s favor.

    1. I work for finish line so everything stephanie said is true. Back in 2008 through about 2013/2014 you would have to sign a paper for the free trial and there it clearly stated everything. Now it’s on the pin pad screen and YOU have to sign for to accept the sports illustrated. There’s absolutely NO WAY for us to give sports illustrated your card info without your signature. & now it prints on the bottom of the receipt all the fine print as well. You can almost always get a charge back. No big deal.

      1. No.

        You might work at Finish Line, but the other stuff you said is not true. I didn’t sign anything saying that anyone could charge my credit card for a “free” subscription to SI and SI for Kids. If I had, my chargeback claim would not have been approved. If TWX Sports had a signed receipt showing that agreed to be charged $49.99, I would have lost my claim.

        I didn’t lose my claim. I won and TWX Sports lost.

  98. Not even back to 2008, it just happened couple days before to me. firstly i got charged by tme sport illustrated $24.95, and i got charged $49.99 in another day. i call TME SPORT ILLUSTRATED. they said they don’t have a ssbscription record under my name. they assumed that this may be done by finish line after they made sure that i had visited finish line store in the past months. so i called the number of FINISH LINE TME SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. the customer service person apologized to me and immediately cancelled my order. she told me that my credit card will be refunded within 1-2 business days. THIS IS VERY HARD TO IMAGE THAT HOW MUCH MONEY WAS WRONGLY CHARGED BY THESE ACTIONS.

  99. This same thing happened to my son who was 16 when he purchased a pair of shoes at the Finish Line on 9-15-13 and was probably asked if he’d like a couple issues of free Sports Illustrated. Reviewing his previous bank statements, his debit card was billed for a subscription on 10-24-13 for $53.45. I was always wondering why we were getting this magazine but thought it might be a gift from a grandparent. We just recently noticed my son’s debit card was billed again on 9-13-14 for $55.44. Now, I know that we or our son should review his bank statement but they are a teenager and it went unnoticed. I called Sports Illustrated and they apologized and said they would cancel the subscription. I had to ask for a refund for the previous magazines!!! She refunded the most recent billing on 9-13-14 but claimed they could not refund the previous transaction from 2013. I kept saying that they prey on teenagers under 18 and he/we did not know it was automatically renewing!! I have no respect or time for Sports Illustrated or for the Finish Line store – consider my business over and done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. It says this post was published 2285 days ago. Still the issue is on-going. I purchased a pair of shoes from Finish Line this last summer and in December I received the $50 charge and in January was hit for the $25 for the kids version.

    I called my bank and started the process, they also sent out a new CC with a different account number. It’s funny, I’m generally cautious when purchasing anything on line but when I walk into a store in the mall I’m more trusting. Well I was more trusting. That naiveté has ended.

    Six years after this blog started Finish Line is still doing this to unsuspecting people just trying to purchase a product from them. Being a slimy organization is apparently quite profitable or this would have ended by now. Even if the banks are back-charging them for doing this when people complain, it’s obviously not enough.

  101. Thanks for this blog….I recently checked my bank card statement and realized a $53 charge on it from SI. I realized a couple of months ago that I had been receiving the magazines in the mail but just trashed them as soon as they came. I asked my fiancé if she charged anything with the card and after worrying about it all day…I came home and tried to log in to SI. Low and behold there was an account with all of my information. I went to cancel it but wondered if I would be reimbursed for $53 or not by just hitting cancel. She then told me to do a google search and see if anyone else had this experience. After verifying the date that I was signed up 11.15.14, I remember that I bought a pair of Air Jordans from Finish Line. Fast fwd, I called 1.877.747.1054 and spoke with Howell and canceled it. He offered to change the price from $49.99 to $49.00, yes he offered to save me 99 cents and after I verified that’s what he said, he proceeded to get an attitude instead of me getting one :-). He then proceeded to check my account for S.I. Kids and yes, I was signed up for that also. I don’t even have kids and the only sports I care about is NCAA Football so why order SI…. He said it would take 7-10 days to refund to my account. Has anyone had any issued with them not reimbursing the money?

  102. Guess what? They are still doing this!!!!! I bought my son a pair of tennis shoes a few months ago from Finish Line. The salesperson asked for my email to sign me up for specials and offers notification. He never mentioned Sports Illustrated. Then the charges for SI and SI for Kids showed up on my bank statement!!!! I called the 800 # on my statement and the kind man asked no questions and cancelled the subscriptions for me and told me I’d receive a refund for all before I even asked as if he was familiar with this scam. I just happened to check and see it on the statement. Imagine all the other poor suckers who haven’t or won’t notice it. That’s their bread and butter! We are struggling financially right now and this is a truly evil scheme! Someone should be fired and held accountable for this disgraceful practice! It is tarnishing the brand and company’s image. I will tell everyone I can not to do business with SI or Fibish Line!!!

  103. Just had this same problem. I checked my statement around 11pm and noticed a charge for $55.47 with no memory of this purchase at all. The name of the charge was TME SPORTS ILLUSTRATED and at that point I knew it was a subscription to a magazine. I called the number for the charge and the consultant was very nice and helpful. He cancelled the charge and reimbursed me for the full amount which he said would appear on my account in 7-10 business days. The weird part was he offered to sell me a copy of “Gone With The Wind” for $13.99 plus s&h, I chuckled and respectfully declined.

    The funniest part was when i told my mom about this charge she yelled at me saying, “you better get that charge off your damn card, i can’t afford to be paying for this nonsense and stop signing up for this crap!” I was sad.
    Then i found out the subscription was under her name and email address.

  104. I just saw the charge and had it reversed. Does anyone know if any legal action can be taken? I made the purchase online and ended up returning the purchase in store. At no point was I even asked to subscribe. Finish Line STOLE my credit card numbers. How is this legal?

  105. It’s almost 2016 and it’s crazy that this has been going on for at least 7 years. I bought a pair of jordan’s at finish line this past august. At the register i wasn’t even asked about a subscription or anything. I was so confused when i receive a charge of 49.95 on my debit card. I thought someone had gotten my card numbers and was making some illigal purchases. I panicked and quickly canceled santander to cancel my card. The lady on the line told me it was from tm

    1. Yes they are. I bought a t-shirt there the other day and I had to decline the offer on the capture device. If more people filed chargebacks instead of calling and asking for a refund, they would have changed their ways a long time ago.

  106. And they are STILL doing this. Shady Finish Line!! I will no be shopping there any more. Everyone needs to report this to the BBB, Finish Line corporate, and also boycott Finish Line. Sheisters!

  107. Thank you for posting this article. I was perplexed by my new trial Sports Illustrated subscription because I didn’t sign up for it. However, I had recently bought a pair of shoes at Finish Line. Never again! The staff there never even mentioned the magazine, much less offer me the option of declining it.

    Fortunately, it looks like I’m able to cancel the subscription online, but I will have to keep an eye on my account.

  108. I bought my grandson some shoes in finish line for xmas. We started getting sports illustrated for adults and kids. didn’t ask for the magazines, then yesterday, I get a bill for 24.65. beware when buying shoes in there, look at your receipt. representative said it would take 7 to 10 days to get money back. took them one day to take it out of my account. Hoping to get it fixed.

  109. This still continues. I was reviewing my daughter’s bank card and found two charges – 25.95 and 49.95 for Sports Illustrated. She purchased shoes and was unaware that she signed up for anything. She said she was never asked if she wanted a free trial of a magazine. She is a minor and I was very angry that they would do this scam on anyone, even more so on unsuspecting minors. I was able to get the subscription cancelled and they have promised to refund the money within 7-10 days. Finish Line will not get anymore business from this family. Shady practice for both Finish Line and Sports Illustrated.

  110. Just got hit for the same scam from finish line . The representative didn’t even ask me if I wanted to subscribe and I never fillled anything out . I bought my daughters shoes about 3 months ago and I am just now seeing this charge and subscription. The sad thing is this thread goes back a number of years yet finishline employees are continuing to do this to customers .

  111. It’s still happening. 59.95 was taken from my bank account from sports illustrated without any authorization. I did not sign up or ask for anything. Thats Stealing! It’s upsetting that this is still going on and they are still getting away with it. I wonder how much money they have Falsely accrued over the years from people who don’t check their accounts or missed it somehow. It should ALL be paid back. I did receive a refund from my bank.

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