Bernie Sanders ‘wins’ New Hampshire and Andrew Yang drops out

Bernie Sanders 'wins' New Hampshire, Andrew Yang drops out, and now I am sad - Bent Corner
Bernie Sanders

Democrats in New Hampshire voted last night and chose Bernie Sanders to be their presidential nominee. Sort of. Although he received the most votes last night, Sanders and Pete Buttigieg are both leaving New Hampshire with the same number of delegates, nine. Amy Klobuchar also did well night, collecting six delegates. Do you know who didn’t do well last night? Andrew Yang. Not only did he not receive any delegates, but he also announced he was ending his campaign.

Jesus wept.

I’m saddened with the reality that Andrew Yang’s message didn’t resonate with more of my fellow Democrats. I was looking forward to voting for him. Now I don’t know who I will vote for in the upcoming Maryland primary. I know who I will not vote for. His name is Bernie Sanders. I don’t vote for socialists, especially when they talk about revolution. I’m a student of history. When socialists promise revolution, the outcome is never good. Plus, he’s 78 years old and has heart disease. I cannot even imagine who he’d choose for a running mate. Another socialist?

Even though I’d rather eat a bowl of rusty thumbtacks than vote for Bernie Sanders, I don’t know who to vote for. I’ll try to determine the least woke of the remaining candidates and vote for them in the Maryland primary. If Sanders wanted to destroy what’s left of my soul, he’d choose Andrew Yang as his vice president. I would have to vote for him in that case.

My love of Andrew Yang outweighs my contempt for Bernie Sanders.

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