I have become disillusioned with using an iMac

Last summer, when it was time to upgrade my PC, I decided to buy an iMac. Ever since buying a Windows 3.1 PC at a Radio Shack in Tullahoma, Tennessee back in 1994, I’ve used only Microsoft Windows computers.

I wouldn’t describe myself as ever really being a fan of Microsoft products. In fact, ever since Windows 95, I felt that Microsoft was just trying to fix its operating system with each and every new operating system, fixes that it was making consumers pay for. I used a Windows PC because that it always made more sense. Macs are expensive. Inexpensive PCs are never hard to mind.

Windows PCs always seemed more practical because of the amount of software that’s available for the PC compared to the Mac. My thinking began to change with the release of Windows 8.

I hated Windows 8

Windows 8 thought I had a tablet for a PC and wanted me to swipe left and right to access content. It knew I didn’t have this type of computer, the kind that you could swipe the screen to make it do things.

It was then I began giving Apple a second look.

I was at the point that even if a Mac costs more than a comparable PC, I didn’t care as long as it was easier to use. I was a fan of the iPad and figured using a Mac would be similar to using an iPad.


I bought my iMac in July of 2015 and at the time, I loved it. It came with the Yosemite operating system and when it was using that, it was great. Apple then updated the OS to El Capitan. I held off on upgrading. A lot of people were complaining about how El Capitan was awful. I figured as long as it wasn’t requiring me to upgrade, I’d let Apple get all the bugs out before inflicting it on my iMac. Plus, like it says in the Bible if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

If only I had adhered to the word of God

After a couple of months of being nagged at to update the OS, I finally relented and upgraded to El Capitan. What a mess. Everything was slower. It seemed like the spinning beach ball, Apple’s retarded version of the hourglass icon, was constantly on the screen.

It was as though I suddenly didn’t have enough memory. When I purchased my iMac, I ordered it with 8GB of memory. It should have been enough. It was enough until I upgraded the OS to El Capitan. After the upgrade, it seemed like I needed more memory.

Some programs just wouldn’t work anymore. TextWrangler, a free code editor for the iMac, would continuously crash. I finally had to switch to Sublime for code editing.

I looked into it, and I had the option of upgrading the memory to 16GB, but it wasn’t as simple as opening a panel and replacing the RAM. No, it was a lot more complicated than that. I would need a special kit to open the computer and remove the glass display that’s held in place with an adhesive.

That seemed ridiculous. I’ve been upgrading hardware on computers for years, both in my personal life and in my professional life. I’d never had to deal with adhesive, especially to remove and replace memory. Upgrading memory is a regular thing to do when you own a computer. Not so when that computer is an iMac.

El Capitan was Apple’s Windows 8

I’ve since upgraded the OS to Sierra. It too seems to crave more memory that I have. Other programs I used with Yosemite and even El Capitan stopped working when I upgraded to Sierra. They would crash, some almost as soon as I would start them up.

If I had it to do over again, I would not have bought an iMac. I would have bought a PC, even if it was running Windows 8.

4 thoughts on “I have become disillusioned with using an iMac”

  1. I feel your pain. There was a time when Mac was oh so much faster than a Windows machine, back in the 90’s. easier too. But I switched to PCs to run more games (Apple has never understood gamers). 2 years back I bought a MacBook Pro. Beautifully made and quick. But the file system was awkward. I found it hard to find things. My Windows 7 machine was quick and The Windows file system just made more sense. So I eBayed it and bought a new Windows 8 All-in-One. Yeah, a bit of a mixed bag. The touch screen on a desktop…stupid idea, but it was fast, real fast! Then i choose to free upgrade to Win 10. Now my PC operates at a crawl. Startup is 3 or 4 times slower than my Mac ever was. Ive decided to live with it, as 95% of my computing is done on my beloved iPad Pro with attached Zagg keyboard. But I am going to have to start using my Win 10 machine more, as I get further into my WordPress Blog, adding plugins and widgets. I will still do the lion’s share of work on the iPad tho. Its such an awesome tool.

    1. Thanks for making me feel better Kirk! 🙂

      I have an Xbox One for my gaming needs, but there are some games for the PC I wish I could get. Steam has a Mac OS section and I’ve picked up a few games through them, but then I see an indie old-school turn-based wargame for the PC only, the kind of games I loved on my old Commodore 64 and Tandy 1000, and I get jealous.

      1. I know. I decided to go with a PS4 for gaming, to break free from the endless PC hardware upgrade trap. But games that take mods, Skyrim, Fallout 4, etc., dont take as many mods on the PS4 as on a PC, which is disappointing.

  2. I read your article with interest since after about 30 years I have finally had enough of Microsoft and Windoz. Last year I bought a new Dell XPS 8700 with a powerful i7 processor, 16 Gb of memory and Windows 10. Windows and PCs in general has always been quirky and il-behaved and I had skipped the Windows 8 fiasco hoping that by now MS had gotten it somewhat more together with Windows 10. Well, as they say, “hope in one hand and….”. This piece of junk works well when it works, but between having to reboot almost hourly because it suddenly loses the wifi signal (I figure that is a Dell hardware problem, but you never know when you are dealing with hardware, OS, and software all from different companies) that has to travel a whole 10′ and now a multi-times per day blue screen of death ‘page fault in nonpaged area’ stopcode error that reboots my machine right in the middle of doing work, not to mention how windows often just locks up and forces me to hard restart, I have never had so much trouble with any computer (and this was a $1000+ machine, not some bargain basement el cheapo. So I think I am finally ready to try an Apple iMac of some sort, but am a bit disturbed to read the problems you have had with your iMac. Of course I don’t think it can be any worse than this POS-PC I am using now.

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