‘Battlestar Galactica’ final was a colossal disappointment

battlestar-galacticaAfter watching the final episode of Battlestar Galactica over the weekend, I find myself wishing I hadn’t spent so much time watching the series these past few years.  If I had known it was going to end like it did, I would’ve preferred to have spent my time watching the Weather Channel.

I’ll skip the first part of the final episode and get right to the end where the whole series falls off the rails. The remnants of humanity, along with their Cylon friends, find themselves orbiting a blue planet that we know as Earth. It’s approximately 150,000 years ago. The most advanced humans are living in Africa, but they don’t have language yet.

Not even chirps, clicks, or whistles.

The humans and Cylons decide that instead of using their technology to make this new world (Earth) a better place, they are going to ditch everything they have and then each go their separate ways. They decide that what they all need more than anything is a clean slate.

They sent all of their space ships into the Sun. They then go and try to blend in with the primitive humans, breed with them, and even tech them how to speak.

Seriously, the final hour was just awful.

2 thoughts on “‘Battlestar Galactica’ final was a colossal disappointment”

  1. I feel your pain. I can’t believe how badly they fucked it up. Complete abandonment of so many ideas, character developments and threads and some hokey, outmoded, intellectually unsupportable idea that technology is somehow inherently bad. So much arbitrary, tacked on, last minute nonsense. I’m still hurting. What a crying shame.

  2. Today’s producers have a serious lack of imagination. These shows are also a business. If there’s no money, they want to terminate operations. Just like a sports team. They produce these shows to capture your attention while they “program” you with the agenda of the Establishment. Notice any “war on terror” in there? They foresee lack of interest, therefore lack of money. Cut the series. It’s the best business move. No graceful ending or anything. The original series had a edgy ending as they couldn’t muster the original actors in time. If you think Hollywood is trying to produce masterpieces, you’re wrong. Television shows and movies are business projects and social agenda setting platforms. That’s all they are. If you want something worthwhile, you’re going to have to develop it on your own, worth whatever funds you can muster and deliver it somehow on the Internet. The mainstream channels are owned by people who want to use television to “program” your mind. Therefore, they will use that monopoly to keep in and out who they want. They couldn’t give a rat’s ass about anything quality. So long as it serves the overall agenda of influencing (socially & politically) the audience, they’ll allow it on the transmission waves. If it’s not serving that purpose or people are loosing interest, it goes. That’s all there is to it.

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