The only question now is how to ban all firearms

The only question now is how to ban all firearms - Bent Corner

Stephen Paddock booked a suite at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. He brought 17 weapons with him, including four Daniel Defense DDM4 rifles and three Sig Sauer FN-15s. Paddock knocked out two windows in his suite and then began shooting concertgoers 300 yards away. He killed 58 people and injured another 525.

The great gun control experiment is over

Some people have already begun talking about more gun control. The time for that particular conversation has passed. Stephen Paddock saw to that. The only thing worthy of a conversation today is to talk about the best way to remove every firearm from circulation. Every single one. Handguns, rifles, shotguns, or any other mechanism designed specifically for killing people.

It’s time for them to go.

The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

People have inalienable rights. At the very top of the rights pyramid is the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Guns and civilized society do not mix. We now know that to be true. There’s no disputing it. Politicians can talk about limiting the size of magazines, improved background checks, or closing the gun show loophole all they want. Those are not valid discussions to have today.

The discussion we need to have

The discussion we need to have now is the best way to remove all firearms from our country.

It may not be easy. When we decided people should not own other people, it took a civil war to accomplish that idea into practice. Will it take another civil war to remove every firearm from society? It might, but that should not be a factor in deciding what to do. If our ancestors allowed the threat of a civil war to factor in when deciding if slavery should be abolished or not, people today would still be allowed to own other people.

Some things are so important they’re worth almost any price. Removing guns from our country is one of those things.

How I would do it

If it were up to me, I would begin to ban all firearms by implementing a one-time buyback program for all firearms. I would then melt them. After the one-time buyback, possessing a firearm would be a felony. A conviction of possessing a firearm would involve mandatory minimums. We could take our existing laws on drugs and cross out the words “crack cocaine” and replace it with “firearm.”

That would be a good start.


Since writing this post, I’ve reconsidered my opinion on gun ownership. I no longer believe we should ban all firearms.

5 thoughts on “The only question now is how to ban all firearms”

  1. Governments and leftist subhuman pieces of shit like you have killed a lot more people than civilian firearms ever will you evil piece of shit.

    I hope some islamasavage saws your fucking head off with a carpet knife so maybe, just possibly your stupid ass will realize that it is human will that kills, not weapons

    Just kidding

    you won’t you because you know that , but you don’t want any resistance to your Neo Communist plans, Thats the real truth isn’t it ?

    Oh and I probably made some spelling errors or some shit. Why don’t you lead off with that as a response shitsack

    1. Hobgoblin, what is your major malfunction? I’ve known Rick since we were stationed together in Guam, circa 1989. His views at times can certainly swing way left but I can vouch for his authenticity. Rick has EARNED the right to speak his mind, so let him! If you disagree with his point of view, as I do most of the time, then don’t click on the website. It’s a free country. As a conservative, I welcome all to speak their mind and let good judgement and careful discernment win the day. You on the other hand, have let your timid emotions get the better of you, thus giving you the appearance of a fool. You sound like you might be able to retort with a decent argument, if you hadn’t lost your cool!

      1. Thanks Jose, back at you!

        The funny thing about Mr. Hobgoblin’s comment is he left the comment after I updated the post to say I’ve since changed my mind and I linked to the post where I explain my current position.

  2. Rick, that’s the problem with the world today. It is so easy to hide behind a computer screen instead of talk to someone face to face with dignity, humility, and respect. This generation lacks the basic tenants of civil conversation and logical debate. You are left of middle my friend, but none the less, a friend you certainly will always be. Bomber 6, out.

    1. Thanks Jose. Right back at you.

      I don’t think of myself left of middle, nor do I think of myself as right of middle. When presented with information, I try to come to a determination that best fits the information I have before me. When presented with new information, I try to best process that information. It’s why I can (and do) change my mind about things.

      Take, for example, banning all guns. I changed my mind about that. I failed to consider that fact laws are not evenly applied in this country. The recent riots in nearby Baltimore demonstrated that. The police just stood by and watched people destroy other people’s property. I don’t fault the police, I’m sure they were ordered not to intervene.

      To quote Andrew Yang, “Not left, not right, forward.”

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