Baltimore declares war on Styrofoam

Having successfully tackling every other problem plaguing the city, Baltimore has now set its sights on ridding the city of Styrofoam.

From The Baltimore Sun:

By an unanimous vote Monday night, the council gave preliminary approval to the bill that Councilman John Bullock introduced as an effort to cut down on the number of foam cups floating in Baltimore’s waterways. The bill would enact criminal fines on businesses that fail to comply with a ban that states that “no food service facility may use any disposable food” container made from polystyrene foam, commonly called Styrofoam.

How about instead of banning Styrofoam, pass a law that criminalizes throwing the used Styrofoam container in one of Baltimore’s waterways? I believe they call it littering.

As a coffee drinker, I personally hate the war on Styrofoam. Call me old-fashioned, but I like my hot coffee to be hot. A cup made from Styrofoam keeps a hot drink hot.

A paper cup makes hot coffee warm. That’s why places that use paper cups for coffee always give you a stupid cardboard ring to go around the cup. The paper cup loses heat so quickly, you’ll burn your fingers if you hold it with your bare naked hand.

Instead of banning Styrofoam, teach people to throw their trash away in the proper receptacle and not one of Baltimore’s waterways.

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