Baltimore Ravens trade Orlando Brown Jr. to Kansas City Chiefs

Baltimore Ravens trade Orlando Brown Jr. to Kansas City Chiefs

The Baltimore Ravens traded 24-year-old Orlando Brown Jr., their best offensive lineman, to the Kansas City Cheifs for draft picks.

From Maryland’s newspaper of record, the Baltimore Sun:

The Ravens have traded Pro Bowl right tackle Orlando Brown Jr. to the Kansas City Chiefs, sending one of their top young players to an AFC rival in exchange for a bounty of picks, including the No. 31 overall selection in next week’s NFL draft.

The Ravens received the 31st pick, the 58th pick, and the 136th pick. Maybe the Ravens can use those picks to draft three offensive linemen and use medical science to mash them together to make a super offensive lineman. If they can do that, this trade may turn out to be fair.

At first glance, this looks like a trade the Baltimore Orioles would do

Why would the Ravens trade their best offensive lineman? The trade had everything to do with the salary cap. The NFL is a hard salary cap league. Teams don’t put the best product on the field. They put a product on the field that fits under an artificial spending cap put in place by billionaires. Every single team in the NFL can afford to sign the best players. They choose not to. Teams in the NFL will purposely sign players of lesser talent over better players. They do this to fit under the self-imposed salary cap.

This upcoming season is the final year of Orlando Brown Jr.’s rookie contract. Considering how scary good he is, he will command a substantial pay raise. Because the Ravens will not have room under the salary cap, they will not resign him.

The salary cap is one of the reasons the NFL is my fourth favorite professional sport.

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