Baltimore Ravens lose to Tennessee Titans, 28-12

Baltimore Ravens lose to Tennessee Titans, 28-12
Baltimore Ravens lose to Tennessee Titans, 28-12
Lamar Jackson

The Tennessee Titans went into M&T Bank Stadium last night and beat the Baltimore Ravens 28-12. The score is misleading. It was never that close. The Titans dominated the Ravens for almost the entire game. They made Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson look quite pedestrian.

The Baltimore Ravens did not look ready to play

The Ravens looked rusty. They had a good reason to look that way. They were off last week with a bye. Most of the starters sat out the last game of the season because, with the best record in the NFL, they had already earned a bye and home-field advantage. The problem is, it’s sometimes hard to turn it off and then turn it back on again. This is especially true with such an inexperienced quarterback behind center.

John Harbaugh

But what do I know? Head coach John Harbaugh is a lot smarter than me. He clearly knows what he’s doing. If Harbaugh thought Jackson could go two weeks without playing then I’m sure he was right.

The good news for Lamar Jackson is that now that his season is over, he can spend more quality time with his idol, convicted animal abuser Michael Vick. The two evidently have a good relationship. It’s a relationship the Ravens fostered. Why would an organization want to expose their young quarterback to a garbage person like Michael Vick?

I don’t get it.

Derrick Henry is a beast

Baltimore Ravens lose to Tennessee Titans, 28-12
Derrick Henry manhandling Earl Thomas (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images).

As bad as the Ravens were last night, the Tennessee Titans were good. Running back Derrick Henry is the real deal. He was the leading rusher in the NFL this season with 1,540 rushing years. He averaged 5.3 yards per carry. Unlike Lamar Jackson, Henry is not only great in the regular season, but he’s also excellent in the postseason. He rushed for 195 yards last night, averaging 6.5 yards per carry.

The Titans could go all the way to the Super Bowl. They beat the New England Patriots last week and followed that win with dismantling the Ravens last night. They are not a team other teams want to play, whether they know it or not. It’s hard to beat a team with a running game that averages over five yards per carry. They not only eat up yards, but they also eat up the clock.

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