The Baltimore Orioles are now back to .500 baseball

The Baltimore Orioles beat the California Angels of Anaheim of Orange Country near Los Angeles last night 6-2. It means the Orioles are back to an even record, 56 – 56.

It’s like the season starts all over again for the Orioles, except of course that Boston Red Sox are seven games ahead of them.

Orioles pitcher Dylan Bundy went seven innings and got the win. He struck out 10 and allowed two runs.

I don’t like the Angels. I liked them fine when they were the California Angels, but when they began changing their name to make it sound like they play in Los Angeles, I wanted no part of them.

The Angels don’t play in Los Angeles. The play in Anaheim, a few miles from Fullerton, the city in which I was born. That’s right. I was born in the OC.

The Angels play across the street from Disneyland. If you can see Space Mountain and the Matterhorn from your parking lot, you’re not in Los Angeles.

It’s not like Los Angeles doesn’t have a baseball team. Not only do they have one, it’s very popular with people who actually live in Los Angeles.

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