Manage files better with muCommander

If you’re not a fan of your computer’s operating system’s file manager, you really ought to check out muCommander. There’s a version for just about every operating system known to man. Remember that alien computer system in the movie Independence Day? The one that Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum uploaded a computer virus onto while … Continue Reading “Manage files better with muCommander”

Ray Lewis is a thug

I watched the beginning of the Ravens/Steelers game on Monday Night Football.  Though I didn’t get to watch most of the game, I did get to see the pre-game coverage including Raven’s linebacker Ray Lewis give one of his infamous “pep talks” to his teammates. Lucky me. He screamed to his teammates, “Whenever someone touch … Continue Reading “Ray Lewis is a thug”

The Robert Kirkman/Brian Michael Bendis debate

I almost went to the recent Baltimore Comic Convention for no other reason then to witness the debate between Robert Kirkman (left) and Brian Michael Bendis (right). For those that don’t know, both men are comic book writers. Kirkman writes independent books The Walking Dead and Invincible, while Bendis writes just about every book currently … Continue Reading “The Robert Kirkman/Brian Michael Bendis debate”

Comics are cheaper to produce now then ever?

I read an article over on Newsarama where they ask various comic book creators to weigh in on comments made by comic book writer Robert Kirkman. The creator of Battle Pope, The Walking Dead, and Invincible advised his fellow creators to concentrate their efforts not on working for Marvel or DC, but on their own … Continue Reading “Comics are cheaper to produce now then ever?”

This is the worst obituary ever written

I can’t imagine what would motive someone to write such a hateful, mean spirited obituary. The following was written by the dead woman’s daughter and appeared in the Vallejo, California Times-Herald: Dolores Aguilar 1929 – Aug. 7, 2008 Dolores Aguilar, born in 1929 in New Mexico, left us on August 7, 2008. She will be … Continue Reading “This is the worst obituary ever written”

How my former primary care doctor screwed me over

I thought I had my psoriasis licked. I was taking Raptiva, a medication I inject myself once a week. After taking it for two months, my hands were finally clear of psoriasis. It was in full remission.  It felt so good to have normal hands for a change.  I felt like a normal human being. … Continue Reading “How my former primary care doctor screwed me over”