Anti-democracy MAGA insurrectionists invade U.S. Capitol

Anti-democracy MAGA supporters invade U.S. Capitol - Bent Corner

Both houses of Congress met yesterday to certify the presidential electoral votes. Joe Biden won 306 of the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency. Yesterday represented the final step of the process before Biden is sworn in as president on January 20.

Donald Trump tried to subvert yesterday’s proceedings. He called for a rally to take place outside the U.S. Capitol building where yesterday’s proceedings were taking place.

A small group of seditious senators and representatives, including Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, tried to disrupt yesterday’s certification by objecting to certifying states’ electoral votes they felt to be “irregular.”

These were states that elected Biden and not Trump.

Anti-democracy MAGA supporters invade U.S. Capitol - Bent Corner
Senator Josh Hawley raising his fist to pro-Trump protestors.

Senator Cruz objected to certifying Arizona’s electoral votes. This required the Senate members to leave so both the House and the Senate could debate Cruz’s objection separately. Pro-Trump protestors then forced their way into the U.S. Capital building.

Members of the U.S. Capital Police just let these MAGA insurrectionists in with little to no resistance. Some of the U.S. Capital Police officers even posed for selfies with them.

If Antifa or Black Lives Matter protestors tried to force their way into the Capitol, the mound of their dead bodies would have large enough to be seen from the International Space Station.

Yesterday’s spectacle was both depressing and demoralizing

Anti-democracy MAGA supporters invade U.S. Capitol - Bent Corner
A pro-Trump supporter with this treason flag.

Watching the MAGA insurrectionists effortlessly invade the U.S. Capital building was a giant punch to the patriotic gut. It was akin to seeing the Iranian demonstrators take over the U.S. embassy in Tehran.

Anti-democracy MAGA supporters invade U.S. Capitol - Bent Corner
A pro-Trump looter.

Needless to say, we haven’t had a lot to be proud of lately. I haven’t felt very patriotic as of late. Yesterday’s shenanigans did not help. It only made it worse.

The Republican party shares blame for yesterday

I will never forget what I saw yesterday. I will also never forget who is responsible for causing it. Most of the blame rests on the shoulders of Donald Trump. I also blame the Republican party. Ever since Trump lost, the Republicans allowed him to pretend that he won the election. Even after 60 failed lawsuits disputing the election, Republicans put up with and even encouraged Trump and his ridiculous claims that he, not Biden, won the election.

Republicans like Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley should be charged with sedition. They are not alone. Federal prosecutors should charge Donald Trump with sedition for trying to overthrow a democratic election. Will that happen? I highly doubt it.

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