Andrew Yang bends the knee to MSNBC

Andrew Yang bends the knee to MSNBC - Bent Corner

Andrew Yang bends the knee to MSNBC - Bent Corner

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang promised to boycott MSNBC until they apologized on-air for the lack of speaking time during the Democratic primary debate in Atlanta. This is what he had to say on Twitter:

Andrew Yang bends the knee to MSNBC - Bent Corner

Andrew Yang bends the knee to MSNBC - Bent Corner

Andrew Yang bends the knee to MSNBC - Bent Corner

I agreed with his stand against the cable news network and I admired him all the more for it. MSNBC definitely has a bias against him. The people in charge at MSNBC have an agenda to push and a Yang presidency is not part of it. Andrew Yang was right, the campaign does not need MSNBC.

Imagine then my surprise when I learned Andrew Yang appeared on MSNBC for an interview.

Andrew Yang bends the knee to MSNBC - Bent Corner

If Andrew Yang wants to speak to as many Americans as possible, MSNBC is a terrible place to do it

Your message is too important? What message is that? That you are more than willing to capitulate for no apparent reason? What you said on November 23 was a hundred percent correct. You do not need MSNBC. They failed to apologize for repeatedly marginalizing you and your message. Do you honestly think doing a remote interview with Chris Hayes will somehow change that?

It will not.

Here’s the full interview:

Chris Hayes attacked his positions from the onset, feigning slight confusion over his healthcare plan. There was no confusion. Yang has been crystal clear on healthcare. What Hayes was doing was gaslighting his audience into thinking Yang’s healthcare plan is confusing and doesn’t make sense.

I stopped watching after that.

Truth has no home at MSNBC

Unlike Andrew Yang, I’m still boycotting MSNBC and NBC News. They have repeatedly proved themselves to being dishonest brokers of information. They’re the ones who spiked the Ronan Farrow’s Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment story saying it wasn’t ready for publication. Farrow left the network and took the story with him. The New Yorker published the story and it earned the Pulitzer.

When then NBC News Nightly News host Brian Williams proved to be a big fat liar, he lost his gig with NBC Nightly News and was reassigned to MSNBC. That shows you how important truth-telling is important to MSNBC.

I am highly disappointed in Andrew Yang

I thought Andrew Yang was my candidate for the 2020 presidential election. Now I’m not so sure. At the same time, I’ve received 11 emails and at least one text from the Yang campaign since Christmas asking for even more money. I’m tired of being asked for money.

I feel I need to reevaluate my decision to support Andrew Yang. If he can surrender to MSNBC for know apparent reason, I have to wonder how he will react to Republicans in Congress when it comes time to implement his programs.

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