New York Governor Andrew Cuomo gives two week notice

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo decided he doesn’t want to be governor of New York. He announced yesterday that he is resigning, effective August 20.

Cuomo has been under pressure to resign from just about everyone over allegations that he sexually harassed multiple women, including current and former state employees.

Andrew Cuomo is in his third term as New York governor. He’s the son of Mario Cuomo, former three-term New York governor. Mario Cuomo was governor when I lived in New York.

I don’t understand why so many men in power almost feel obligated to sexually harass the women who work for them. Why do they think they will get away with it? I think because most of them do get away with it.

The man is 63 years old. It’s not as though he was sexually harassing women his own age. No, he was sexually harassing women half his age. The youngest was 25 years old. Cuomo is old enough to be her grandfather.

Cuomo is a creep.

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