Amazon’s Super Saver Shipping can take ‘quite awhile’

On Monday I ordered a new case for my computer from Amazon for $70.98. Because it was more than $25, the order was eligible for Amazon’s Super Saver Shipping. If I chose regular shipping, it would have added around $20 to the bill.

I’ve been checking the status of my order every day. As of yesterday, Amazon still had not shipped me my item, even though they showed the item to be in stock. I decided to call Amazon customer service to find out what the problem was.

It turns out, you can’t just call Amazon customer service. You have to go to their website and request someone from customer service call you. You can either have someone call you immediately, or in five minutes. I elected to have someone call me immediately.

The Amazon customer service rep sounded like she was calling from the Philippines. I proceeded to tell her that I ordered and paid for an in-stock item on Monday and three days later, it still had not been shipped. She put me on hold and after a few minutes, she came back on the line and told me “not to worry”, that my item will be shipped “soon.”

First of all, I didn’t appreciate the fact that she was implying that I was worried. I inferred from this that she thought I was some kind of spineless pansy because I didn’t know when I was going to get my item. I wasn’t worried, I was annoyed. There’s a difference. I thought “worried” was a weird word to use. Second of all, the fact that she said my item would be shipped “soon” meant absolutely nothing to me. What does soon mean? Soon as in Jesus is coming back soon, or soon as in I have to go to work soon?

I asked if it was going to be shipped today. She didn’t know.
I asked if it was going to be shipped this week. She didn’t know.
I asked if it was going to be shipped next week. She didn’t know.

She then went on to tell me that since I elected to have the item shipped via Super Saver Shipping, for free, they didn’t actually know when it was going to be shipped. It would seem that with Super Saver Shipping, an item does not get pulled from the shelf at Amazon and processed until Amazon gets enough orders of a similar item. That means my computer case would not be sent to me until Amazon got a certain number of similar orders for computer cases. Because of this, the Amazon customer service agent told me that when you order something using Super Saver Shipping, it can take “quite awhile” to process.

Of course none of this was mentioned before I paid for the computer case.

I should note that I’ve ordered a lot of stuff from Amazon and I’ve used Super Saver Shipping. Not once do I remember a delay in getting my stuff.

I canceled the order and ordered the same exact case from Best Buy. If I ever purchase something from Amazon again and I actually want to have them ship it to me in a somewhat timely manner, I’m going to forgo the Super Saver Shipping and actually pay to have it sent to me.

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