Amazon members don't like Dreamweaver CC

I’ve been playing around with the trial version of Adobe Dreamweaver CC, a powerful cloud-based website creation and development software. Dreamweaver switched to a cloud-based system in 2013. Before that, Dreamweaver was distributed only physically on the disc along with a perpetual license assigned to a specific user. The price for Dreamweaver CS6, the last version on disc and not the cloud, retails for $399.

Dreamweaver CC is priced with a whole different pricing model. Instead of purchasing a one-time license, users pay a monthly fee to use the program via the cloud. The price for access is $29.99 a month with no long-term commitment, or $19.99 a month if you are willing to commit to one-year.

To say the pricing model has been controversial with some users is an understatement.

For example, I noticed that you can buy a Dreamweaver CC digital membership on Amazon via their Amazon Digital Services. The pricing is the same as what Adobe charges, but if you have gift card credit on Amazon like I do, it makes sense to buy a digital membership through Amazon.

What I find amazing are the negative Amazon reviews for Dreamweaver CC. Currently there are 23 reviews on Amazon and all of them are one star, the lowest rating a product can get on Amazon.

People don’t seem to have a problem with the product, but with the pricing model. For example:


I could post more examples, but the above screenshot pretty much captures the gist of the other 22 one-star reviews.

I’m using the trial version of Dreamweaver CC, but unless something dramatically changes between now and when my 30-day trial expires, I plan on purchasing a one-year digital membership.

I don’t mind paying for software if it works. Dreamweaver CC seems to work.

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