Amazon is my favorite source for Funko Pop! figures

The best place to buy Funko Pop! figures is Amazon. Not only are they cheaper than even Target or Walmart, it’s a much more convenient way to look for the specific figure you want. Case in point, #172 Weaponized Rick from the Rick and Morty line.

Instead of hunting through stacks of figures at F.Y.E. or Hot Topic for the specific figure you want, you just type it in on Amazon. I couldn’t be any easier.

Just the other day I ordered #172 Weaponized Rick on Amazon. I started a sub-collection of all the “Rick” figures that I’m keeping in the box.

At $7.88, that’s cheaper than anywhere else I could have bought it.

When I got the figure in the mail a couple of days later, I was pleasantly surprised to discover Amazon sent me the Chase version of Weaponized Rick. It looks like the normal figure, but his mouth is slightly open. It’s my first Chase figure.

My first “Chase” figure.

This is how the Funko Pop Reddit group defines a chase figure:

A chase is a variant of an existing pop (usually one or more of the following: different coloration, different mold, glow-in-the-dark, metallic, etc). They are by definition more rare because they have a ratio of anywhere from 1/6 to 1/36.

Depending on how completest I want to get with my Rick collection, I may have to buy this same figure again to get the regular non-Chase version.

If I do buy it again, I’m buying it on Amazon.

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