All caught up with ‘Doctor Who’

I watched the 2011 Doctor Who Christmas Special, The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe, on Sunday. I’m all caught up on Doctor Who.

These means when the new season starts this fall, I can watch it on TV like a regular person.

I’m so excited!

Now that I’m caught up and fully current, I may go back and re-watch all the episodes. Well, most of them. There’re are a few episodes I really don’t like. I may just skip those.

In retrospect, I don’t know why it took my so long to become a fan of Doctor Who. I love science fiction, especially when it involves time travel. I can remember watching the first episode of the relaunch, Rose, back when it aired here in the United States and not particularly caring for it. The same could be said for most of that first season. I read later this was the case with a lot of Doctor Who fans, so I forced myself to watch each episode, if for no other reason than to watch the second season. I’m glad I did because I liked the second season more than the first.

Not all episodes of Doctor Who are the same. Some are good, others are fantastic, while a few others are kind of awful. Here’s a quick list of some of my favorite episodes:


  • Episode 3 : The Unquiet Dead – It’s 1869 and the Doctor, Rose, and Charles Dickens team up to investigate corpses that come back to life and walk the streets of London.
  • Episode 9 : The Empty Child – The Doctor and Rose go back to London during the German Blitz. The story includes a creepy kid in a gas mask that goes around asking people if they are his mommy.


  • Episode 4 : The Girl In The FireplaceThis episode won the Hugo award in 2007, and rightfully so. It’s very good.
  • Episode 8 : The Impossible Planet – The first episode involving the Ood. It also features a black hole.
  • Episode 9 : The Satan Pit – The second of a two-part episode. Not only does it have the Ood and a black hole, it also features Satan. Enough said.


  • Episode 1 : Smith And Jones – The Doctor meets medical student Martha Jones in a hospital that gets stolen and transported to the Moon by a group of rhino looking mercenaries called the Judoon. She becomes his companion… for a while.
  • Episode 10 : Blink This is my favorite Doctor Who episode. I blogged about it here.
  • Episode 8 : Silence In The Library – This episode introduces the character of River Song, and man, is she a character.
  • Episode 9 : Forest Of The Dead – A continuation of the prior episode, Silence in the Library.


  • Episode 1 : The Eleventh Hour – First full episode featuring the new Doctor, played by Matt Smith, along with companion Amy Pond and her boyfriend, Rory Williams. This episode sets up a lot of stuff that happens later on.
  • Episode 2 : The Beast Below – This episode takes place hundreds of years in the future aboard a starship containing the entire remaining population of the United Kingdom along with Queen Elizabeth the Tenth.
  • Episode 5 : A Time of Angles  – This episode features a ginormous crashed spaceship full of Weeping Angels, first introduced in Blink. River Song returns.
  • Episode 6 : Flesh and Stone – A continuation of the prior episode, A Time of Angles.
  • Episode 10 : Vincent and the DoctorA truly wonderful episode that features Vincent van Gogh and an invisible monster. The ending made me have something in my eye, if you catch my meaning.
  • Episode 12 : The Pandorica Opens – Another episode with River Song and coincidentally, another great episode. This episode, along with its conclusion, The Big Bang, won a Hugo award.
  • Episode 13 : The Big Bang – A continuation of the prior episode, The Pandorica Opens.


  • Episode 1 : The Impossible Astronaut – A very confusing episode. A lot of what takes place doesn’t really make sense until the final episode of the season, The Wedding of River Song. Even then, you must put on your thinking cap to process all of it. The episode also introduces the alien race, the Silence. It also features Richard Nixon.
  • Episode 2 : Day of the Moon – A continuation of the prior episode, The Impossible Astronaut. 
  • Episode 7 : A Good Man Goes to War – We finally find out who River Song is and how she got involved in the Doctor’s life. Sets up a lot of stuff that takes place in the season finale, The Wedding of River Song
  • Episode 8 : Let’s Kill Hitler – A continuation of the prior episode, A Good Man Goes to War.  Best title ever. If a show is going to involve time travel, it had better address the killing of Hitler.
  • Episode 10 : The Girl Who Waited – What makes this episode great is the brilliant acting of Karen Gillan, the actress who plays Amy Pond. The premise was little confusing, forcing me to watch the first 15 minutes more than once. The episode has been nominated for a 2012 Hugo.
  • Episode 13 : The Wedding of River SongThis episode concludes the story started in episode 1 and 2. It features threads from episode 7 and 8. I plan on watching these four episodes in a continuous block the next boring Sunday I get.

As you can probably gather from this list, my favorite Doctor is the version played by actor Matt Smith.

The new season of Doctor Who will premiere sometime in the fall of 2012. I can’t wait.

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  1. Great review, and I must agree with a lot of these. Though where you put Season Four, I believe you mean Five. As Season Four was Donna Noble’s season, and one of my favourites.

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