Alfred “Alfie” Norris is the reason Walmart sells pepper spray

The Social Justice Warriors came out this past weekend with the proverbial knifes out for comic book artist Ethan Van Sciver, claiming that he was, wait for it, a Nazi who was harassing amateur cartoonist and professional Twitter provocateur Darryl Ayo.

Darryl Ayo has repeatedly libeled Ethan Van Sciver as a Nazi and a Nazi sympathizer.

It seems that if Ethan Van Sciver pushes back against someone who disparages him, he’s harassing the person. I don’t get it.

Although Ethan and I don’t agree on politics, he’s a Republican who voted for Donald Trump and I’m a (former) Democrat who voted for Hilary Clinton, I think he’s a pretty decent guy with a good heart. Plus, he’s a phenomenal artist and he produces excellent YouTube videos.

What can I say, I like him.

I don’t understand people on the left who hate Republicans. Around forty percent of my fellow Americans are Republicans. If I hated Republicans, that would mean I would hate forty percent of my fellow Americans. That’s not anything I want to engage in. If I’m going to hate forty percent of a country’s populace, I might as well hate the entire country.

I don’t hate the United States. I love the United States.

Alfred “Alfie” Norris (left) and Ethan Van Sciver at the 2010 Atlanta Wizard World.

Who is Alfred “Alfie” Norris? According to his Facebook profile, A democratic socialist lawyer living in Montgomery, Alabama. The proprietor of Phenomenal FX, an online retailer specializing in products and merchandise for the cosplay community.

From what I can tell, Alfred Norris was a former on again, off again e-friend of Ethan Van Sciver who later wrote a four-part, poorly written screed about Ethan and the harassment he and his “crew” supposedly engaged in against Alfred Norris.

Alfred “Alfie” Norris

The anti-Ethan rambling screed was published in four nearly indecipherable parts:

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

I labored through all four parts and I now think I understand why some people feel the need to carry pepper spray. I’m not saying Alfred Norris is crazy, but I know I’d feel better with a canister of pepper spray in my left pants pocket if I knew I was going to be within twenty feet of him.

Not that I’m threatening to pepper spray Alfred Norris. I would only let the pepper flow if I had no other choice and I would be desperately looking for other choices. For one thing, I wouldn’t want to use up all my pepper spray and then have to buy more at Walmart.

Comic book artist Tess Fowler directed her Twitter followers to read Alfred Norris’ posts about Ethan Van Sciver, acting as though the four-part, poorly written posts was legitimate evidence against Ethan Van Sciver and that it should be taken seriously.

I just don’t get that. I read Alfred Norris’ posts and I concluded they weren’t anything to be taken seriously.

You know what Tess Fowler didn’t direct her Twitter followers to read? The first-hand account of a then-underage cosplayer Alfred Norris sent inappropriate sexual comments to.

From Facebook:

Here’s a screenshot where Alfred Norris contemplates in a text message wondering how difficult it would be to remove the underage girl’s green She-Hulk’s makeup from his genitals:

If this is an example of Alfred Norris holding back, I’d hate to see what he has to say to underage girls when he decides to let it all out.

Again, Alfred Norris is the reason Walmart sells pepper spray.

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