Alex Smith will be out for the entire 2019 NFL season

The Washington Redskins are already planning their 2019 NFL season to be without the quarterback services of Alex Smith. You may remember Smith suffered a gruesome compound fracture to his right in a game against the Houston Texans on November 18, 2018.

Smith’s injury was so severe, it required over a month in the hospital and numerous procedures to remove infected tissue.

It should then be no surprise that he will not play football this season.

Even if Smith sits out the entire 2019 season, he’ll still make a guaranteed $20 million of Dan Snyder’s money. Good for him.

Dan Snyder is the worst owner in professional sports

Alex Smith will be out for the entire 2019 NFL season - Bent Corner
Dan Snyder, the worst owner in professional sports.

If I was Smith, I would sit out the 2019 season and then retire. How many bones protruding from his flesh does he have to see before he realizes his life would be a lot better without the football thing? Why play football? It’s not like the Redskins are ever going to seriously contend for another Super Bowl appearance. Nope. It’s never going to happen. Snyder will see to that.

Alex Smith should take a page out of the disgraced politician playbook and announce immediately after the 2019 season that he wants to spend more time with his family. Not that Smith is a disgrace. Far from it. By all accounts, he seems like a genuinely nice guy.

The NFL needs guys like Smith. Guys like Smith do not need the NFL.


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