Advanced WordPress Facebook group

Advanced WordPress Facebook group goes full blown iron curtain mode

The Advanced WordPress Facebook group is changing the way it operates. The 28 Admins for the group took a vote and beginning April 17, an Admin must first approve a post before it appears in the group.

From Matt Cromwell’s blog, one of the moderators of Advanced WordPress Facebook group:

Every time a low-quality post gets posted to the group it adds to the noise, and sometimes it might be hours and hours or even a day until an Admin removes it — which means thousands of people have experienced the group with more “noise” than it should have.

If there’s a problem needing solved, I don’t see how this will do it. If it took “hours and hours or even a day” before an Admin could remove a low-quality post, how long will it take them to approve a post? What’s going to happen when one Admin thinks a post is low-quality, but another thinks it’s high-quality?

Advanced WordPress Facebook group
You will post to the Advanced WordPress Facebook group when you’re told you can. Now hush!

The vote to go all iron curtain wasn’t unanimous. There were Admins who voted against the change.

The group of 28 Admins don’t all think the same about things. If that were the case, the vote would have been unanimous.

This is dumb. The Advanced WordPress Facebook group is a Facebook group. Low-quality is the bread and butter of Facebook. People don’t go to Facebook for high-quality content. Noise is the ocean that Facebook swims in.

Having a discussion group where Admins must first approve posts sounds like a terrible user experience. I’d rather read the occasional bit of noise than have every post approved by a clique of 28 people.

I’m a member of this group. It has always struck me as being somewhat elitist. Why throw the word “Advanced” in the title? The discussions I read there never strike me as being all that advanced. Elitism has always been a real problem with WordPress. When you hear the term “WordPress community” it’s referring to a small clique of people who think they represent everyone using WordPress.

WordPress is just a web publishing platform. People use it because it’s currently the best web publishing platform available. Also, because it’s free. Once something better comes along, I expect people will flock to that. That’s the way it works. When I first started this blog, I was using Movable Type. WordPress came along and it seemed better. The same will happen to WordPress.

If enough people don’t like moderated Facebook discussion groups, I’m sure someone will create a new group. I’ve seen it happen before. There’s a local Facebook group called Whats [sic] Going on in Hagerstown. It was heavily moderated. Discussions were regularly deleted by one of the moderators because they personally didn’t like the topic. People got sick of it and a new group was created, What’s Really Going on in Hagerstown. If history is any indicator, the same with happen to the Advanced WordPress Facebook group.


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