Adam Carolla needs to stop lying about

The Adam Carolla Show, a daily podcast hosted by Adam Carolla, features live read ads throughout the show.  One of the more regular ad spots is for, a service that allows you to buy and print postage from your computer.

The United States Post Office also allows you to do the same thing on their website. The difference being that charges $15.99 per month for the privilege, while the USPS lets you buy and print postage free.

From the May 4, 2017 episode of The Adam Carolla Show (32:50), em, convenient, easy, reliable, We use it here for all our shipping needs. You can buy and print official U.S. postage, any letter, any package, any class of mail. Use your own computer and printer. They’ll even send you a digital scale to automatically calculate the exact postage. What could be easier than that? Right now you can enjoy for the special four-week trial plus postage and the digital scale without long-term commitments. You get the digital scale, you do what we do. I think it goes up to 60 pounds. You just plug it right into your computer, put your parcel on it, whatever the weight is, the amount of postage, the exact.. it doesn’t give you the weight, it give you the postage, comes right out of the computer, just put that on your package, hand it to the postman. It is easy, it is, click on the microphone, top of the homepage, type in Adam,, Never go to the post office again., let them know we sent you, get the special deal, top of the microphone, top of the page, let them know Adam sent you.

Adam Carolla thinks the scale goes up to 60 pounds? Even though he claims to use for their shipping needs, he’s not even close when it comes to the specs on the scale. The “free” digital scale sends out goes up to five pounds, not 60.

Here’s a screenshot of the offer you get when you go to the top of the homepage, click on the microphone, and then type Adam:

Adam Carolla needs to stop lying about - Bent Corner

The free 5-pound scale isn’t really free. To receive it, you have to pay tax, shipping, and handling. According to, a company that should know a thing or two about shipping packages efficiently and economically, it can cost them up to ten bucks to send you your “free” five-pound electronic scale.

It’s 2017. People don’t appreciate getting gouged on bogus shipping charges. Unless they have some type of physical presence here in Maryland, has no business charging me Maryland sales tax. If it truly costs ten dollars to ship a free digital scale, then they have no business assisting others with their shipping needs.

I tried and they are pretty terrible. I don’t understand why anyone would willing pay $15.99 a month to buy postage through them. You get no discount off normal USPS postage rates. When you sign up for a free trial, they give you $5 in shipping credit. I needed to mail something that required more than that. They told me that I needed to add another $10.45 to my account. I purchased the extra credit and then bought USPS Priority Mail postage along with insurance. Even though I bought only enough credit to send my package, my account now has a $4.99 balance. I didn’t need to spend $10.45 on postage credit.

Adam Carolla needs to stop lying about - Bent CornerThey’re website is buggy and errors out a lot. I tried to go on it just now and check on the delivery confirmation on the package I sent out a few days ago and the website is throwing a “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS” error in my browser. It tells me to clear my cookies. I clear my cookies for no one.

I’m canceling before my four-week trial is over.

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