Adam Carolla fires executive producer, high-school buddy Donny Misraje

Podcaster Adam Carolla, former co-host of Loveline and The Man Show, announced on his January 3, 2011 2012 podcast, The Adam Carolla Show, that he fired his executive producer Donny Misraje.

Carolla and Misraje had been best friends since high school. Awkward!

This is why you should never hire a friend or a family member. You should never hire someone you cannot fire.

It was Misraje that convinced Carolla to start podcasting after he lost his radio show. Carolla is now the top podcaster on iTunes.

I can’t imagine firing your best friend from high school. Then again, I can’t imagine even having a best friend from high school. Carolla and I are the same age. The idea that I would still have a best friend from my high school days seems nutty to me. Like most people, I’m a lot different now then I was back in high school. The idea that I would have a close relationship with someone I was friends with when I was 15-years-old seems more than a little… strange.

Though I’m Facebook friends with many of my high school friends, I can’t imagine being “best” friends with any of them, whatever that means.

20 thoughts on “Adam Carolla fires executive producer, high-school buddy Donny Misraje”

  1. Daniel Bobke (@DanielBobke)

    Not only am I best friends with a buddy from high school, we met in 7th grade!

    Our lives were very similar then and took similar trajectories as we aged. We went to college together as well. 32 years and going strong! It is not unnatural – it is not the norm, but not unnatural.

  2. Donny and Adams problems were well documented on the podcast early last year.. It was time for Donny, his old Mustang, parts, and stoned self out of the “garage”

    That said.. I really think Adam’s head is getting bigger every week (too much positive feedback and too many sycophants).. to the point that his long rants are getting even more stupid and meaningless while he thinks his stuff is getting better.

  3. It’s not normal to have kept “best friends” with somebody since being a teenager. Most people do grow apart from one another, and toward other people as they grow up. It just happens. Take rock bands, for example. Four people having to live, work, fight, get drunk, do drugs, put up with others doing drugs, etc, etc, etc will eventually leave each other. After so many years, those people will have beaten the shit out of each other, fucked each others’ girlfriends, and burnt all the bridges between them. When bands break up, I totally understand why they do. I am also not surprised that AC and his friend have diverged.

  4. On the podcast Adam mention that “He started this”.. but in fact Donny started it. Donny made the podcast, and adam was the talent. Its sad adam didnt think of donny as an equal, but adam only has a great podcast because donny told him of the option.and i get the feeling that donny told Adam to hire a business manager other than Mike. But adam didnt listen.. What adam doesnt listen? how could that be?

  5. I noticed also that Adam neglected to mention that the podcast was Donny’s idea. That said, and not hearing Donny’s side, it seems like Donny could have had a good thing going had he stayed. Who knows.
    Adam does seem to be getting a little elitist lately, though his blue collar credentials make it palatable.
    It’s easy for him with his unique talent to explain to Titus how the guy losing his job to China, was never worth what he was paid. Apart from that, he’s a breath of fresh air in our victim culture.

  6. I am sure Donny was bought out and paid nicely, if not significant current stock in Ace Broadcasting. I have listened to the podcast from day 1. While it was always evident Donny was the idea behind it… it was also evident that Donny could not listen or retain anything. Even Donny would admit to it.

    Can you imagine being business partners with a guy too stoned to remember bringing a steam cleaner to work for 3 months? That kind of zero attention to detail would easily destroy a business.

    I will miss Donny, and their arguments, but me thinks Donny needs to lay off the weed for a while and get back on his feet.

    As for whose business it is, i think it is Adam’s. He paid out of pocket considerable sums of money to pay for the bandwidth and build the studio before any ads came rolling in. That is considerable risk, and “having a podcast” probably wasn’t something you could write off

    You know what would be really good pod? Bringing Donny back on, as a guest (maybe remotely… as a caller) to explain his side of the story.

  7. @ricardo: So giving someone an idea on how to use their talent means they’re ‘equal’ to you? Is the person who told Oprah to start a show ‘equal’ with her? Is the guy who told (insert actor or any professional here) to do whatever ‘equal’ to the guy actually doing it? You’re delusional.

  8. I love that Adam is now begging for money on his podcast. It’s like he is up in the air circling the airport of success just like mom and the welfare check. Ha Ha Ha

  9. @Joyballs. no one said its weird to be friends with some from high school or grade school as an adult. I think the important word you missed out on is BEST friends. now that would be odd, having the same best friend from high school adulthood

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