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Rick Rottman

My name is Rick Rottman and this is my personal blog. It’s where I write about whatever I feel like writing about when I feel like writing about it.

I am originally from Southern California, but Western Maryland is my home now. What’s Western Maryland? Anything on the left-hand side of Baltimore.

I spent close to ten years in the Air Force. My duties took me to the Philippines, Guam, Korea, Okinawa, Australia, and the tiny island of Diego Garcia, Biloxi Mississipi, and Upstate New York. What’s Upstate New York? Anything north of the Tappan Zee Bridge. I was stationed in Rome, New York which is almost directly in the middle of the state. Why then don’t they refer to the area as Middle New York? Who knows. They also call spaghetti sauce as “gravy” so perhaps asking them to correctly identify a geographic region is asking too much.

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