So not only is A-Rod a cheat, he's a snitch

Looks like 60 Minutes will be worth checking out tomorrow night. From the Associated Press (via Yahoo! News):

Members of Alex Rodriguez’s inner circle obtained and leaked documents that implicated Ryan Braun and other players in using performance-enhancing drugs, “60 Minutes” reported Friday.

Citing unidentified sources, the CBS news show said the leak occurred in February, days after the Miami New Times published documents implicating the Yankees star in the Biogenesis investigation.

In the Miami New Times documents, the names of Braun and one of Rodriguez’s teammates, catcher Francisco Cervelli, are redacted. “60 Minutes” reports that members of Rodriguez’s camp obtained unredacted versions and leaked them to Yahoo! Sports.

Alex Rodriguez is just a terrible human being. Not only has he reportedly been using performance enhancers since he played in the minor leagues, he’s ratted out other players to the press. That’s just awful. Being a snitch is a lot worse than being a cheat.

I can’t imagine anyone being a fan of A-Rod. I actually feel sorry for Yankees fans. That’s an emotion I never thought I’d have for them. I still hate them, I just now also pity them.

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